You Inspire Me

You tell me that my journey has inspired you, but you have no idea how much you inspire me! When I am in need of inspiration I read these messages of love to lift my spirits.

Letters from readers

Ms. Tee

Have you ever felt like you met your sister from another mother? Well thats how I feel about you. I read your blog everyday and you have been a blessing in my life. I see my life through you. The trials and tribulations…you still seek GOD. I need to speak with you, know that I am serious, this is my second message! I feel that we have so much in common and I just want to speak with someone that seems to think and believe like me. I am a single mother of 2 just trying to live the best life for me and my kids. Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone (after 9pm. please).


How are you? I am LOVING your Web site. I know that God is blessing your vision with His great abundance!

I recently attended a workshop called Manifest Your Soulmate. I would love to write about it if there is a way to fit it in your story lineup. Let me know if there’s anything I could to support you!

Have a fantastic week! Miracle shall follow miracle…

Hey Ms. Tee
I hope, no I know you are doing well. Your blog is the first thing that I read every morning before I start my workday. It gives me inspiration, plus I’m nosey too LOL But reading this:

“She said that fears come when we depend on ourselves but when we realize that God is working through us, we will have more confidence. She also talked about the flow of God and how He gives us gifts that others will need so there’s an even exchange of gifts for gifts. If we never break the flow by doubting ourselves or stepping out of God’s will, all of our needs will be met.”
made me feel soooo much better about something I’m going through right now. This has really made my day.

Sometimes when I think that you have gone too far, you present something that makes me think that you are on the right path. I know it really doesn’t matter what I think, but you are truly an inspiration to so many. I’m loving the new website. Out of all of the blogs that I used to read on a daily basis, yours is the one I come to most often because I feel so good from the positive spirit that you have. I really can’t put to words how and what it makes me feel but I really look forward to reading your blogs daily.

Enough rambling…gotta do some work this morning. Take care.

Your Blog Friend (LOL),

Hey Ms. Tee!

It took me a long time to decide to write to you. Although I read your blog daily and yours was one of the first one to get me to start blogging to begin with…I don’t know you. I feel like I know you, like you are my crazy little sister living her crazy life.

I love what you are doing! You have shown the most strength in your journeys to Dallas. Your faith in God is so awesome! Sometimes when I read what you have written, I think that this cannot be true, that you are just that good of a writer. But then I think that it doesn’t really even matter if it’s fiction or not because the message rings loud and clear. You are like a motivational speaker right now…I come to your blog to be inspired.

Before when I was blogging regularly, I was so consumed with negativity. The blog was my outlet for all that I was going through. Through blogging and all of the friends that I made, I decided that negativity breeds negativity. So I stopped putting only the negative things down. When you think positive and put things in God’s hands he takes care of whatever you NEED.

Just want to say that you keep doing you (not that you could ever do anything else LOL) and your dreams will come true. I know they will!

Ya know Tee.. I read your blog, it bugs me that people try to discourage you from doing your thing. If I just started reading your blog, I would think you were crazy to embark on this journey….BUT…knowing you as long as I have known you..LOL!! just seems right for you. This is (whatever this is..) is what you are supposed to be doing. You have come such a long way, and there are many people that only WISH they had the nerve, ambition, and guts to do what you are doing…to live the life you are living, and to be blessed like you are blessed. It just pisses me off when readers, lurkers and (from what you have said) friends trip off of the way that you live YOUR Life.

okay. rant officially over.