My Focus

It’s been crazy.

I am half way through writing my series for The Pulitzer. No, I am not confident the information is that groundbreaking but I am presenting it in a creative way so you never know.

Im starting to feel the itch to move on from here but I want to do better by making a solid plan first. Its just, nobody knows this but my back hurts a LOT from serving. I’m not as young as I used to be.

I’m tired. I need a breakthrough of some sort. I have been on my GRIND. Listen, I have applied for every award I could find and even entered a beauty competition all the while continuing to study on how to market my website and gain readers.

I’m tired.

All I want for Christmas is a breakthrough in my career and for my sons to get Kindle Fires. I’d like to spend New Years with them doing something cool too.

My tooth hurts. I stopped smoking and I’m excited about that although I do miss the activity.

Anyway, ive been writing all night. I need to read some more and learn some more. What we focus on, we become.