Stripped To The Core
And Lovin IT!

Highstepping Butt Booty NEKKED down through the living room, the dining room, into my room, out again, into the bathroom, streak past my sons sleeping in their room, through the kitchen and out into the dining room again.


So tell me something….

Is it wrong to move into a new place, hook your TV up and realize that the cable is already running and not do a damn thang about it? Am I supposed to call somebody or is this included in the rent? Hmmm?

Is it wrong to buy a brand new brand name computer with a flat screen 17″ monitor and a little key thing for only $250? Why did the guy who sold it to me say, “If you ever have a problem with the computer, don’t call the company.”

Yep, I’m bushwick bill. I’m dog tired. I’m sleepy. I’m about to go to bed but I figured since my friend Reggie came over and set up my computer and DSL for me last night then I should at least say hello.

It’s funny how I’m remembering when I had to throw all of my stuff from my old apartment away because I couldn’t afford to keep it in storage. I cried and cried over my memories and I felt like I lost everything. And I did. But guess what? I’m BAAACCKKK! With all new stuff!

Ain’t life grand?!!!

Anybody wanna hang out in the MIA, let me know… I’ll need advance notice to find a babysitter.


Back In The Day…

Last night I took some time and went through my archives.. Ooh Lord!

I have really changed.

I used to be so focused on God and God’s will for my life. I was so worried about what my old Pastor thought about me. I was worried about why I couldn’t find any of the women at my old church appealing and I worried about what life was going to be like since I had just finished college.

I worried a lot. I wrote a lot. But I always encouraged myself in Christ. Even now those words I wrote more than a year ago uplift me. They reminded me to rest assured that my path is all layed out. Those words reminded me that I was fortunate enough to be chosen by God and my heart is to please Him.

Now, I am totally focused on finding financial security and happiness in the work place. Which I must say, wow, I have that. So what’s next? Oh yeah, I will probably start stressing over my novel and how BIG this project is and how it doesn’t seem like it will ever be done. But I look at the library and I see that so many others have done it and I KNOW I can do it too. No one is better than me. The people who are successful are the ones who are dedicated.

Even though I’m in Miami and I’m partying hard and I’m having fun at the heart of things I still love God. I still desire to please Him and to use my gifts for His glory. Yeah, I want to make some money doing it too, I ain’t even gonna lie.

Back then I was dealing with my children’s father from a distance. The hurt was slowly dissipating. Now, he just informed me that he is moving down here to South Florida. Only a county away from me now. At first I was excited- Maybe now I’ll get more of a break if he decides to take his children more often. And then reality hit me- If you think it’s bad now, it’ll only get worse. With him being so close to you, you’ll get even more insults, more criticism, more attacks, on a regular basis. Ughhh…great. ~shakes head~

Will I be strong enough to endure? Yesterday I was already trying to figure out how I am going to handle all this. I mean, he has reported me to the Child Abuse authorities claiming I neglect my children, he has filed for custody of them saying I refuse to work and have been quitting jobs without regard to their welfare. He even said that MY MOTHER is the one who has physical custody of my children, and has had custody of them since September 2003. Hmm, I think in September 2003 I was just starting my last semester of college. How could my mother have had custody of them when we were in Gainesville? He really wrote this in his motion for custody (or whatever) I don’t understnd all this legal stuff. I can’t afford an attorney and I can’t find one to help me for free and I don’t know what to do especially since he has told me more than once and IN WRITING, that I need to be prepared for war.

Yeah, I’m under attack. And the enemy is moving closer to me in just one short month.

I never want this blog to turn into a venting ground for my frustration with my baby daddy. But this is what is going on in my life right now. The investigators from the Child Welfare place are calling me all the time, I have legal paperwork with all kind of mumbo jumbo that I don’t understand coming at me in the mail.

Sometimes I wonder if this is all my punishment for having sex before I was married. Is this my punishment for living outside of God’s will for so long? But I didn’t know! I didn’t know about God. No one ever told me. I never knew anyone who was saved. As soon as I heard the good news I tried my best to be right. I tried to straighten up. Doesn’t that count for anything?

But then maybe these trials are all material for a miracle. Yeah, in fact, the God I KNOW, won’t have me face these lions unless He knew I could handle it. I don’t feel like I can. I cried in the car yesterday at the weight bearing down on me and cried to God asking Him, Why? Why? Why does this man hate me so much? He has a girl already? They’ve been together for years. Surely he can see the smiles on the faces of his sons. Surely he can see what a beautiful home I’ve made for them. Can’t he cut me a break and stop with all the put downs. ~sigh~

Damn. I go from my parents house where I was called worthless and told I wasn’t shit – I go straight to this man who is saying the same thing. And you wonder why those words will never come out of my mouth. You wonder why my plan is to encourage everyone around me. I will NEVER be a person who tears someone else down. I don’t give a damn if you’re messing up big time. I will speak the truth to you, but I will speak it in love and you will recognize the love behind my words. I won’t kick you while you’re down.

But like I have to tell my friends when they are frustrated over how someone is treating them: You can’t expect people to treat you like you would treat them. They are not in your heart. They are not you. They are just being themselves and you either have to accept it or move on. But I guess in my case, I can’t move on, I just have to accept it and learn to deal with it.

Baby Mama Day?

I got a text message from a friend of mine that read, “Happy Baby Mama Day!”

I rolled my eyes. His ass is always trying to be funny. So, I don’t get a Happy MOTHER’S Day greeting just because the “man” I had children from decided he didn’t wanna stay?

LOL! I’m just playing! I’m not THAT sensitive (all the time). I laughed at his sad attempt at humor. It was kinda funny…

I don’t mind being called a Baby Mama. I mean, words only have the power that you give them. Curse words are only insults if you take it as an insult. I call my friend Dianna my HOE. She never gets mad at me about that. Why should she?

Yep, I am a Baby Mama. Which basically means, I have absolutely no romantic or emotional ties to the father of my children, so to him, I am simply the mother of his children. I think the terms baby mama and baby daddy were created to express a severe detachment from the other parent. And in my situation, it’s true. My Baby Daddy and I are not friends, we don’t even like each other. He is simply my BABY DADDY and an annoying one at that.

But this is MY DAY! It’s Mother’s Day. And regardless of what name you want to call me or what judgements you want to pass, I can sit here and say for myself that I am doing a WONDERFUL job raising my sons. I may not know what to do at every given moment, but somehow things get handled, my sons are happy and they are growing up with a lot of love.

For the woman sitting there tired and weary, upset because of people who look down on her because she’s a single mom and criticize her decisions- YOU CAN MAKE IT! No mother in the world, no matter how perfect she looks, has it all together. None of us know what we’re doing, we just follow our hearts and our instincts which guide us to make the best decisions for our children.

When men CAN and DO walk away, we must stay and bear the burden alone. When the man can plant his seed and move on, we must carry it and nurture it. When the men in your life act like it’s no big deal to raise a child just know that they could NEVER do it. NEVER!

We weren’t made to do this alone, but because of selfishness, sin and lack of self love, we end up in this difficult situation and like it or not we have to push forward. No matter how much your Mother criticizes you, no matter how many times that “friend” who helped raise her little brother tells you what you NEED to do, just know that you will be okay. Trust yourself to make the right decisions for you and your child. Trust that it’s okay to ask for help sometimes too. Trust God who blessed you with the responsibility of motherhood. He will see you through.

There’s not a position in the world that I would trade for motherhood. Seriously, it gets hectic all the time, but the positive experiences outweigh the negative ones.

I just wanna say Thank God for healthy children and the opportunity to be a Mother. Children are such tremendous blessings because a man and a woman together are just a couple, but when that couple has a child it makes them a family.

I am proud of my family and proud to be me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Extremely Paranoid

I don’t think this is going to make sense, but I’ll try to explain it anyway.

I don’t want to cheat on my sons.

~sigh~ I said it. Still don’t get it? Neither do I. But lemme go on…

Since my first son was born almost five years ago I have not had a relationship with any man but his father. Sometimes I would meet guys and sometimes I would have sex but never did it ever come close to me having a boyfriend or someone regular in my life.

At first I felt like I didn’t deserve to. Shoot, I was chunky, had a kid and since my baby daddy didn’t want me, why would anyone else? Then I woke up and realized, damn, I was still friendly, fun and fine. Men were still very much interested in me. But I made myself stay away, it was safer that way. I refused to have drama around my boys. I didn’t want them to see me dogged out by a man, hurt by a man and importantly, I didn’t want them to feel like I was putting too much effort into being with a man and in turn, ignoring them.

I began to convince myself that the only way to secure respect from my sons was to NEVER have them see me with a man. The whole no dating thing was the perfect distraction. It gave me an excuse not to pursue a relationship with anyone. It provided a safety net in which I hid dutifully. In all the time since my sons were born, they have NEVER seen me with anyone that I have spent time with. No “male friend” has ever even been inside my house at the same time that my sons were there.

Now, for some reason my heart is aching. I don’t know if my reasoning is all wrong but I don’t feel like I should be in a relationship with any man until my sons are a lot older. Until they have their own interests and can handle me giving someone else attention.

I know, I know, I love on my boys a lot. I have all this affection and love that I shower on them and sometimes I question whether or not I’m loving them too much. Like seriously, I tell them I love them maybe 20 times a day. I goo goo at them and call them my kings. I pour out all of my affection and attention on them. I hope they never take it for granted.

Sometimes I will let my mind wander and think about maybe dating someone someday, but then I’ll get this image in my mind. This image of me in my bed with some man and my sons walking in on us. In my fantasy, I freeze and my sons cry and cry and I throw the man out because I feel so bad that I hurt my boys.

Craziness I know. Healthy? I don’t know.

I just want them to know that I will NEVER EVER bring drama into their lives because of a man. Their father and I have already put them through enough. My physical and emotional needs are not as important as their happiness. I don’t want them to be sad. You know, as I write this I’m feeling like I’m doing the same thing I did in my relationship with their father. I’m trying to be their everything and giving up my own needs to ensure their happiness. I hope it doesn’t garner the same result; Their dad hates me.

At the root of it all, I just want to do right by my boys. I want them to respect me and grow up to respect women. I can’t have someone around who will potentially hurt me or them but… I realize that I can’t be paranoid my entire life either.

My friend Mimi said to me, “Not every man is going to dogg you out and molest your boys.” Maybe…Maybe not, but right now, I won’t allow anyone to get close enough for me to find out.

Almost 3 a.m.

Why am I up?

Well, I was sleeping peacefully on my new sofa since I don’t have a bed yet. I carefully stole a sheet set from my Mama’s house to cover my light colored sofa while I slept on it and instructed my sons to NEVER sit on my living room set unless they have taken a bath. I even went so far as to set up an entertainment center in their room so they had no reason to be in the living room with my precious new couches.

It’s pitch black and I’m dreaming of, I don’t know, when I hear the pitter patter of little feet on tile running. I feel hands on my head and I shift, knowing it’s one of my boys. I help him as he climbs onto the couch and snuggles beneath my covers close to me. In the dark I can’t tell which son is which so I slide my hand down to pat his bottom, hmm, it’s my 2 year old. He wears pull ups while my older son wears boxers or boxer briefs. (Isn’t that something, my 4 year old refuses to wear briefs, saying it’s not enough room) We sleep like this for a while until he starts to squiggle and annoys my peaceful slumber.

I yawn and sit up. He tries to pull me back down but I’m not having it. I stand up and pick him up, his head rests on my shoulder as I carry him back to his room and place him in his bed pulling the Sponge Bob comforter up close. His eyes close slowly and don’t open again.

I’m back smiling and back on my precious couch again. A little while goes by and again I hear the pitter patter of little feet on tile. Someone’s hands are touching my head and I pull him under the covers with me and snuggle up. My hand slides down his body; boxers.

I snuggle up with my first born and fall back asleep until I feel something wet on my hand. I open my eyes and he’s sitting up gagging and throwing up all over my sheets, the floor and MY PRECIOUS COUCHES!

“Mmm, mmm- get your behind up and go to the potty.” I tell him. He throws up all over the floor on his way there and I trail him trying to stay out of the way. After he’s done I clean him up, change his shirt and put him back into his bed, pulling the Spiderman comforter close around his little head.

Then I head back to the living room with my mop, a cleaning rag and some disinfectant and I clean up all the throw up, remove the nasty sheets from my precious couch and mop the floor.

After placing the sheets and blanket in a plastic bag to be washed tomorrow I sit down on the love seat. What am I going to do now? I can’t sleep on my precious furniture without a sheet, and I only stole one set from my Mama’s house for me to use until I got a bed.

I turn out the lights and walk to my room. I look around my room filled with clothes and no furniture and sit down to my computer. Hell yeah I bought a new computer, computer desk and chair before I bought a bed- THAT’S PRIORITY MAN! Gotta feed my addiction.

I guess I’ll have to go in and pay Spiderman a visit. ~smiles~ I remember when my 2 year old was first born and all three of us slept in a twin sized bed, one night in the bed with my 4 year old won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll be fun. Like old times.


Lazy or Driven?

I often get criticism about the way I want to live. There is just something inside me that doesn’t think I should do certain things.

Like, why should I have to take out the garbage? That should be someone else’s job. And why should I have to maintain my car? Can’t someone else do that for me? While I’m very good at managing my bills, it would be nice if I had an assistant to handle all of that for me. What’s so wrong with that? Why do people look at me funny when I say I want someone to come clean up for me? ~sigh~

I just don’t want to do it.

Look, I don’t think I’m a snob. Far from it. I just don’t want to do any of that stuff. I’m a writer. I’m a motivator. I just want to do what I was put here to do. Ok, I’ll admit it, when it comes to cleaning my house, I’ll do it, but it doesn’t bring me joy or satisfaction and I would be much happier if I could afford to pay someone else to do it for me.

In fact, that’s my plan. I’m determined to be able to become financially set so that I can pay people to do all of the things that I don’t want to do, like laundry and driving and shopping. Ughh. The way people react you would think that I just told them that I didn’t want to work and hoped for a sugar daddy to pay my bills. I never said that. I always want to have a full plate of projects and I enjoy working hard at the things I love, but the things I don’t love, like cooking and cleaning, I plan to leave to someone else.

Call me spoiled, call me a snob or call me a dreamer, but wait, you’ll see. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with employing people to manage your household. I want the whole shebang- Cooks, drivers, housekeepers and all. Damn the fact that I was raised in the projects. A sista can still dream. A sista can still hope. A sista can still work toward making these desires a reality.

I’m not hoping to MARRY RICH. I’m not hoping to get a sponsor. I want to do it myself. And I will. And if you keep looking at me like I’m a fool when I mention my heart’s desire, you won’t even be able to come to my house and eat none of my chef’s cuisine! Nah!

101 Things I’d Never Reveal on a First Date
(and other embarrassing facts you never wanted to know about me)

1. Sure I have a natural hairdo, plastic glasses and a thoughtful expression, but I’m not as smart as I look.
2. I never watch Jeopardy because I get mad when I only get one question right.
3. I have only three bras that have been on rotation for the past three years.
4. I usually wash dishes when all of the dishes in my cabinet are dirty.
5. I wear thongs almost everyday but I hate, HATE, HATE them. I just can’t stop.
6. Right now most of my clothes are in a big pile on the floor.
7. I don’t wear underwear in the summer.
8. My favorite place to shop is in my friends closets.
9. I am most self concious about my teeth.
10. I wear a size 10 shoe and I’m only 5’1″.
11. I deeply distrust white men.
12. I deeply distrust all men.
13. I sometimes pray and thank God that I am not ugly.
14. When my 2 year old is throwing a fit, I have to walk away when I began to imagine myself putting him in the closet.
15. I think I’m really pretty from far away, but up close- oh my God!
16. One of my breasts is bigger than the other one.
17. They both look like those things you use to write on the cake with.
18. My stomache looks like the view of the top of a pumpkin, you know, with the stem cut out. Yeah, that’s it.
19. I blow my nose, REALLY loudly. It’s so annoying.
20. I once cursed out my entire sorority when they were annoying me over some BS. They didn’t know that I had just found out I was pregnant with baby #2 and his father had just dumped me.
21. I have two kids but I have been pregnant more than twice, from the same man.
22. When I was 8 months pregnant I spent a night in jail.
23. One of my biggest fears is prison, so I try to do everything the right way.
24. In highschool I thought about killing myself everyday.
25. Funny how I was voted Most Popular and Senior Class President.
26. I secretly wonder how in the hell I acquired so many wonderful friends.
27. When I get sweaty I smell like corn chips.
28. Every morning in addition to brushing my teeth and putting on my make-up, I have to take out my tiny scissors and clip the hairs that grow on my chin.
29. Sometimes I just say, fugget it and rock my beard. Who gonna say somethin to me?
30. I ONLY wear padded bras.
31. I have been out of highschool for 8 years and I have only had one real boyfriend since then.
32. We got back together for 6 weeks in 2001.
33. That’s when we conceived our second child.
34. So if you don’t count that little affair, I have been single for five years.
35. There is one chick that I CAN’T STAND. Just one, on this entire planet.
36. She frustrates me because she is so unoriginal. I wish she could have a thought or an idea of her own.
37. The only chick I’ve ever been jealous of was in college- her name is Dianna B.
38. She is the only chick that I ever thought was all around tighter than me.
39. After getting to know her a little better, my feelings changed and I began to like her because I realized she wasn’t as perfect as I thought.
40. I still think she’s prettier than me though.
41. I wish her happiness and success because I feel guilty about disliking her over stupid jealousy.
42. I don’t think I am gay but I find women sexually attractive.
43. If I were gay I would definately be the “man” but feminine with it.
44. Women just aren’t enough for me though.
45. I was fondled (tried) by my good friend this year after a drunken night out at a party and I had to talk to a counselor about it.
46. I felt like I had been raped. I wondered what I had done to deserve it. I felt like maybe I had invited it. I hated myself. I felt like shit.
47. My friend is a girl and I haven’t spoken to her since.
48. After that incident it took me a while to recover.
49. The mere thought of anything sexual caused me to get pissed off and I had nightmares for a while.
50. I’m much better now.
51. I hate acknowledging bodily functions.
52. I won’t boo boo in public or at work.
53. I’m so glad I live close to my job cuz I can walk home everyday for lunch and handle my business.
54. I am extremely impatient.
55. Sometimes I think to myself, “If I hear the word ‘Mommy’ ONE MORE TIME, I will snap!”
56. I like to give oral pleasure but I’d rather not receive it.
57. I’m not afraid of death.
58. I’m more afraid of life.
59. I have a ‘friend’ for emergencies.
60. I am trying not to call him though.
61. And I brushed him off when he called me last week.
62. I’m stronger than I thought.
63. I don’t want to be with an unnattractive man because I am afraid our daughter will look like him.
64. I don’t want to have any daughters even though I used to.
65. I’ve cheated on every boyfriend that I have ever had.
66. Except my first.
67. He broke my heart. I realized that guys didn’t take relationships seriously, so I didn’t either.
68. I don’t care if you think I’m weird.
69. I think I’m weird too.
70. It’s a lot of trouble being my friend.
71. I’m an extremely jealous friend.
72. My number one rule is, “Thou shalt not have any other friends before me!”
73. You only get one chance to f*** up.
74. I can meet a man any day of the week, so there are plenty of assholes where you came from.
75. My favorite rapper is Eminem.
76. The sexy, crazy, cool chick you met is not the real me.
77. The real me longs to be closer to God.
78. The real me is still trying to figure out how to accomplish that.
79. I hate cleaning up.
80. I am very, very sweet but I know men don’t like that.
81. If I have sex on the first night, I won’t call you again.
82. What for?
83. I CAN cook, but I’d rather not.
84. I want to be spoiled, but I know it ain’t gonna happen unless I do it myself.
85. The last man to do something sweet for me was my friend Reggie. He bought me some clippers so I could cut my son’s hair. It was a nice surprise.
86. I don’t know how to work this damn Direct TV remote.
87. If you are nice to me, I’ll be the best friend you ever had.
88. I punched all kinds of holes in my wall trying to put up my curtains. But I did it!
89. Now I just need to figure out how to cover up all these extra holes. yikes!
90. The inside of my car looks like a garbage pile.
91. There are enough cookies and toys and magazines and junk mail to make you dizzy.
92. I always say, “I’ll clean it tomorrow.”
93. My house has been relatively clean for two whole weeks. That’s a RECORD!
94. I know I’d make a good wife because I am a good friend.
95. These aren’t my real eyes. ~just playin~
96. I love to fix myself a drink and chat online late at night.
97. I just LAUGH and LAUGH and giggle and it’s so much fun! LMAO!
98. I’m the dumbest geek you’ll ever meet.
99. I smoke every now and then.
100. I’ve never made love.
101. I’d like to, tonight, if possible.

Ahhh, what a relief. Every wacky, embarrassing fact about me.

Nowhere near perfect. I’m just me.

100. I’ve never made love.

My girl called me last night, amazed at my 101 Things List.

“Girl! I could not believe what I read!” she said.

“What?” I laughed, thinking she was referring to the comment about my bra’s.

“You mean to tell me that with all the passion you pour out into your writing and all the passion and love you have for your friends and your boys, you mean to tell me HONESTLY, that you have never MADE LOVE?!!!”

I stammered.

“Well…you know how most men are, they just wanna f—.”

“But still, I don’t get it. YOU out of all people, with all your emotion, should be puttin it on them! You gotta give the performance of your life. You have to make them say things they would NEVER say and feel better than they ever felt. You have to talk to em, caress’em challenge ’em. GIRL! I can’t believe this!”

“Wow. I do think I’m passionate. Just no one has ever been passionate with me. Do you want to know the last time I had some-roll around naked in the bed, scream as loud as you want, go back to sleep and wake up and do it again- sex? Well, shoot, I can’t even remember. For the longest, it’s always been a hit and run because I wasn’t trying to get attached. I don’t know. I think it will happen when I meet someone who actually cares about me.”

“It does not take all of that. Well honey, don’t worry. I’ll take care of this. When I get to Miami we’re gonna find us somebody. He doesn’t have to know what we’re up to, but we’re gonna get you some practice.”

American Idol
She’s tight….

Image hosted by

Vonzell went home. ~sigh~

Not like I had been watching the whole thing religiously since the first episode. I only poke my head in every now and then to see who all these people are that everyone’s talking about.

I used to like the Chubby boy. I thought he was kinda cute. I didn’t like the short black guy. He was too short. And believe me I usually love short guys but I wasn’t feeling his vibe. Just wasn’t doing it for me.

So I hadn’t even watched this for a while because I stopped watching after they kicked Nadia THE HOT MIAMI CHICK off the show, so I just HAD to find out who the last three were so that I could assume my position in front of the TV like a diehard fan who had chosen her favorite from the beginning.

They began to show videos of each of the last 3 contestants going back to their hometowns and meeting their fans. It was amazing! Just to go back to a place where just a few short months ago, you left a virtual unknown. And you’re hitting the streets in a limo, first class all the way and you’re a STAR! What?!!! That must be so wild!

They showed Vonzell’s clip first and I fell in love.

She is so beautiful.

Not just beautiful because she has a nice body and face, but beautiful because I like her spirit. I feel like she’s a woman that I would be proud to represent me. She looked like a beauty pageant winner and God’s gift to this earth.

She represented us to the FULLEST! She held that thing down with class, without a bunch of funky attitudes and craziness. She was smooth as hell wit it.

Vonzell Solomon, girl, you are a STAR in my eyes!

I don’t really care who wins now.

He Made His Presence Known

It was a crazy day when I read this comment on my blog:

Girl, why don’t you get the fuck over yourself. Has it ever occured to you that you may deserve everything you are getting. Why don’t you grow up and stop expecting a man any man at that to support you. I am not impressed by your pouring your heart out on the internet. If your baby dady hates you so much have you ever thought you deserve it. Why don’t you get off your ass stop puring your heart out on the internet and take care of you and your kids!!!!!!!Renee 05.06.05 – 2:19 pm
I’m not even gonna lie, It hurt, but the pain was strangely familiar. Those insults. That vocabulary. The tone and the passion behind the words all lead me to one conclusion: My Baby Daddy wrote this.Yes, I said MY BABY DADDY WROTE THIS COMMENT ON MY BLOG. After a little detective work I found that this comment came from the same place where he lives now. But even without that piece of information, I knew it was him. Ladies and gentleman, THIS is how he talks to me ALL THE TIME.Now I had decided not to mention it to you guys, after all, this simple knowledge that he is reading my every thought and the secrets of my heart could prompt me to close down my blog and move elsewhere, but somehow I didn’t even care if he knew all about me. I wasn’t going to compromise my writing because of him.But this morning, as he picked up my sons for the weekend we had an exchange. I am standing in my doorway and he is on my porch, the boys are jumping up and down and running around at the thought of being with their daddy.”Hey, are you gonna give me my $20 for the t-shirts I bought them, you said you would?” I ask.”No.””Why not?””Since you say I don’t do anything for the boys.””I never said that.””Yes you did.””When?””On your blog?””How do you know about my blog?””I had to go there because “people” are calling me and asking me if that shit is true?”I stare at him intensely.He smirks and walks away.”So what about my money?” I call after him.”I’m going to get the boys hair cuts with that money, since you say I don’t do anything for the boys.”I ain’t never said nothing like that.********************A couple of people asked me before what I would do if I found out that he was reading my blog. I shrugged it off, thinking, “Why would he spend time reading about my life? Why would he care? How would he ever find it?”I guess he DOES care. A LOT. Enough to come back everyday and even comment!To the person who told him about this blog, THANKS SO MUCH! You have known me for years and you should KNOW that I am many things, but a liar is not one of them. And now that I have your attention—– A few words for my baby daddy****Thanks for visiting. It’s always nice to meet a new fan.~Ms. TeeI WILL NOT COMPROMISE MY WRITING.