Weird Flashbacks & My Intuition

I’m not sure why I can’t sleep. I’m excited in my spirit for no reason at all but I’m enjoying this happy, hopeful feeling. Maybe something spectacular about to happen.

There’s also this story in my head that won’t go away. It happens like that sometimes and I can’t sleep until I release it. Maybe If I tell it, I can get some rest.

Ok. It’s a story about a flashback. That’s sometimes how my intuition leads me. Ughhh..I don’t wanna tell this story because it’s soo weird but. I’ll do it. You all think I’m weird anyway, there’s no suprising you.

Ok. Remember when my friend Tommy visited from Chicago and he came to visit me at the office when I was working for the website? Well, we walked over to the Galleria Mall and had lunch at the Cafe Grande Lux. While we were there, I saw 3 men walk in. They were all light skinned Black men. As soon as I saw them I felt in my heart, “Those are The Prez’s friends.” I shook my head at the thought. I don’t know why I felt that but I did.

While Tommy and I sat there and had our lunch, the 3 men sat at the bar near us and kept looking at our table. I tried to ignore them but I couldn’t really because there was that weird feeling that wouldn’t go away.

Before we finished our meal, the 3 men stood up and walked away from the bar. Before walking away, one of them straight up gave me the dirtiest look. He stared me down like, “Bitch what?!” I’ll never forget him because he had green eyes like mine.

I poked Tommy who had his back to the guys. “Did you see that guy easin me?!”

Tommy looked over at their retreating figures. “No, you’re imagining things Tee.”

I knew I wasn’t imagining that dirty look but I shrugged it off.

I ended up leaving that job the next week and a week after that I’m sitting up typing on my laptop like I’m doing now and I get this flashback of the 3 guys at the bar. Then I get another flashback- a connection.

The first time I went to that restaurant at the mall with my co workers, my old director came in and grabbed me and told me that we were all going to go to lunch to brainstorm about a new upcoming feature. TRUE! I was excited. When she invites us to lunch, it’s usually on the company and at that time I hadn’t gotten my first paycheck yet so I was pumped!

When our team got to the restaurant we stood in a semi circle near the hostess booth waiting for a table. I got this weird feeling and I looked up and there were 3 light skinned men staring at me. They were checking me out with no shame and I could tell that they were pleased with what they saw. Since I’m used to men reacting this way when they see me, I became a little annoyed and turned away from them. I was more embarrassed than anything because I was with my co workers and I want to appear to be a professional and not some chick that guys wanna f**k.

So I was typing just like I am now and I had those flashbacks of me at the restaurant and …it hit me.

Those were the same guys!

Those 3 guys were there BOTH times I visited the restaurant. Weird huh? Scary? I’m crazy huh? I know it.

When I told my friends they just laughed at me and said, “I love your imagination.”

I shrugged because who knows why I felt like they were connected to The Prez in some way.

I also had a different flashback experience another time.

Once again I’m sitting here typing and I have this flashback. I saw this lady at the poetry reading I went to. For some reason she stood out among everyone else. She was sooo pretty, well dressed and just…like whoa! In my mind I gave her props because she was the best looking woman in there. I was like, “That’s me in the future.” That night I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought she was another tight Dallas chick.

Then a second flashback came to me- a connection. I remember being at work and seeing this woman come in. She had on a visitors badge. She was wearing casual clothes and carrying a boxed lunch down the hall. I didn’t speak to her. We never made eye contact.

As the two flashbacks played over and over, I made a connection. Wait…I know this sounds crazy but..I could swear in my heart I felt that was The Prez’s Mom. Both women were the SAME person, least in my mind. Wait…The Prez’s Mom was at the poetry night when I performed? Huh?

~blushing~ I told ya’ll I was weird.

Lord, please don’t let me get committed but this is how my heart felt and my intuition led me to believe. Maybe it was my infatuation creating these connections just so I could feel closer to him.

I don’t know… All I know is, the same way I was on that plane and my heart spoke to me and said, “You will miss your connection and you will spend the night in Orlando and you will see Donovan Daniels tonight,” and it really happened…well…That’s how I felt about these two incidents.

Lord, help me. ~smile~ I do believe I am over him because I don’t get the same tingly feelings when he crosses my mind and I don’t feel sexually attracted to him anymore but… I could be wrong.


I do feel better now that that story is out there.

Go ahead…laugh if you want. I’m going to bed. I feel relieved.