Checking IN


My laptop still isn’t fixed yet but I stole a moment and I’m trying to give an update but there is way too much to say.

I think I’ll leave the past 2 months alone though or maybe I’ll tell those stories if or when I need to.

I’m still working at Denny’s. Still love being a waitress. I’m still in school. Still learning so much about becoming a therapist. At the same time, I am feeling like it’s time for me to move on from this.

I know…crazy to spend more than a year in school and then stop…but…I don’t choose to do this, I just feel like it may be time. So here we go again, knowing it’s time to go but not knowing where I’m going next.

I won’t make a move without some kind of direction though so…we’ll see.

I’m still doing my radio show every Friday night and I’m enjoying hosting my internet talk show. Each week I get to award someone in this community for their efforts at making their dreams come true. I actually made the awards myself. ~smile~ It feels like heaven to be a part of this movement and I’ve fallen in love with the creative spirit of my city.

I attend open mics often to look for new artists to expose. I’ve met some really great rappers and poets. I found this one spot called The Literary Cafe in North Miami. Honestly, when I’m there, I’m just grateful to be alive and witness the coming together of such great spirits. I can’t remember ever having more fun than I have when I am in that cafe.

I have only performed once but it’s not even about all of that. It’s really about falling in love with each poet that graces the stage, about listening to the lyrics and the musical make up of each song that I hear. It’s about watching someone stand in front of a crowd filled with hope that their creative work will be appreciated. ~sigh~ It’s magic to me.

My sons are just great. Man….they remind me of their Daddy so much. They are kinda excited about their Daddy’s baby on the way. Watching his fiance’s growing belly makes them ask me more questions about their own birth and that bonds us a little more as they realize and appreciate that no matter what I’m their Mama.

Tamara is planning her 30th birthday party. I just booked a ticket to go to ATL for 5 days to help her celebrate. I’m getting kinda excited about going back there after being away for so long at the same time I’m nervous because I don’t like social obligations and this feels like one.

Kim turned 30 last week and I forgot to call her. I was so caught up in producing my internet show and she was so mad. But she said she was even more grateful for her husband because of how special he made her feel for her birthday.

As far as men goes…

I have not had the desire to be with anyone physically. Let me stop lieing, I’ve had the MENTAL desire but not the physical lust that accompanies it. I just can’t be aroused by casual encounters anymore. That sucks. I think my mind and my body are craving more.


Earlier this week I signed on with a local talent agency that an artist told me about. He’s been getting jobs through them for years and most recently he shot a video with John Legend and Rick Ross. After I took my pictures I was feeling pretty positive about this latest venture.

I have a feeling something good is going to come from this…

Bless u….