You Gotta Eat!

So today was crazy. I didn’t get my much anticipated weekend nap because I went shopping with my girl Marsha. She took me to a mall that I’ve never been to in South Miami and I fell in love.

My mission today was to replenish my accessory wardrobe and I went into this store called Forever 21 and almost fainted, literally.

As we were ringing up my purchases, which included lots of trinkets and these magnificent black pants that make me look like I actually have some booty, I suddenly felt very dizzy. Then I felt like I was going to throw up. I began to see spots floating in front of my face and I grabbed the counter top and told Marsha to go ahead and pay for my stuff for me.

I wobbled outside the store entrance and scanned the corridor for a bench to sit down on. There were none in sight. My legs gave way and I fell to my knees. I stood up shaking and walked back into the store and plopped down on the base of a mannequin stand.

My girl Marsha came over and asked me if I was okay.

“Did you eat anything today?”

I closed my eyes and pressed my head against the wall as I tried to remember the day’s events.

Hmmm. Woke up to my sons poking me in my eyelids. Fixed them some cereal and juice. Checked my cellphone and it rang as soon as I touched it. Spoke with Anide about her scholarship search as I got dressed to go out. Went to the bank. Went to Walgreens for pull-ups and cough medicine. Got home. Cleaned up the mess from my son’s breakfast. Took a shower. Heard Marsha arrive. Got dressed and left again.

Damn. I forgot to eat…again.

I sat there for a minute and my head cleared enough for me to walk again. We cautiously approached the food court and I drank my fruit punch down in like 30 seconds. Didn’t realize I was that thirsty. I ate most of my chicken sub and felt so much better.

I have a problem.

I’m so busy that I forget to eat.

It’s like it really slips my mind. I’m so busy making sure my son’s are taken care of before I’m off and running from job to job that lunchtime is usually my only meal of the day.

So….if anyone wants to set up feeding stations like they do in those marathons so I can drive by and grab my food as I go from place to place, I’m here in Miami and I’m very, VERY hungry.

Love Ya!