It Finally Happened

It’s early in the morning and already my day has been quite eventful.

First, today was THE DAY. The day that I had been dreading forever. My first time being pulled over by the police.

I was driving along as usual up the Avenue and my mind was on a million different things. I caught site of the usual group of caucasian police officers, all blond and blue eyed, standing on the corner. They pointed their speed detector thingy at me. One walked out into traffic and told me to pull over.

I pulled over and burst into tears. The white man came over to my car and asked me what was wrong. My entire face is covered by my hands and I’m weeping uncontrollably. “I’ve never been pulled over before.” I whimpered.

I didn’t see his reaction because I refused to look up at him.

I hear him walk away, “Well you were going 10 miles over the speed limit in a school zone. Let’s get this paperwork started.”

I continue crying and think to myself, “Crackas ass Crackas.”

I’m scared. Because I have heard so many bad stories about these situations. And I have not had a possitive experience with the police in fact I used to HATE the police. HATE EM! RAAAGGGEEE!

The officer asks for my liscense and I give it to him. I make sure my hands are on the steering wheel where he can see them.

“Hmm,” I hear him say to his partner. “This ticket’s gonna run you about $225. I know I can’t afford that.”

His partner laughs. “Me neither.”

“When you finish crying you can have your liscense back and remember that we’re here everyday.”

“I see you everyday,” I said, still looking down at my lap.

“And what do you think when you see us?”

“I think, I hope they don’t pull me over, cuz I’ve never been pulled over before.”

They both laugh.

I’m still looking down. I don’t want to see the smirks on their faces.

“So, what are you gonna do?” I ask.

“We’re gonna drag you out of the car and spray you with pepper spray and beat you up,” he says jokingly.

I pull out of the drive way. I can hear him say, “Thanks Office Whoever, for letting me go with a warning.”

I frown at him and he laughs as I drive away.

Not as bad as I thought. I’m still alive. Hmmm…

I’m taking the long way tomorrow though.