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Aww Come on ya’ll. Now you know I was just exaggerating about that Customer Service job. Uh…sorta. LOL! But it was funny anyway. It is very rare that I must employ the Gangsta Hold. But beware, if you have an attitude and you call my call center and a chick named Ciara answers, you betta calm down quickly!


Check out Pimpin Panama. He over there wildin out again. The most pertinent question raised in his comments was, “Do Blacks care what white people think about them?”

I tried to reply but it wouldn’t let me. My answer is a resounding YES.

I believe deep inside SOME Blacks feel inferior to white people. They want to be accepted and included as equals. They want to be embraced us and loved by them. In truth a lot of them hate themselves, that’s why we have dark skinned people making sure never to fall in love with another dark skinned people as assurance that their kids won’t be picked on growing up. I wrote about my experience with trying to understand the root of racism, Check it out. Some of you may have read this before, if that’s you, read it again. LOL!


I’m tingling over here

Can’t help but smile

My heart beats quickly

Can you guess why?

Yep, I have met a very, VERY special man.

I even told my Mama about him. ~raises eyebrow~ Now you know that’s serious!

Details later.