Word Association

Too bad…

I feel horrible today. Yesterday I developed a sore throat and a body ache and I’m tired. Me and DEEP had a wonderful time on the phone last night. We were talking about random junk when he said, “Ms. Tee?”

“Hmm?” I replied.

“Penis,” He stated.




“Pussy,” He said.







We went for more than an hour straight of WORD ASSOCIATION! No other convo, just what word first pops up after you hear the last word. OVER AN HOUR of this…just laughing and then playing this silly game. When I said “Sleep” he was like, “I think that’s the end of the game, Tee.”

But we still talked for like 15 more minutes and finally hung up.

I love talking to him. I think I’m, just gonna enjoy what it is cuz it’s beautiful to me. And he is. And I’m glad I made a friend.

The weather is very bad here. Well, its rainy. Last time it looked like this, my show was canceled. I hope I know the status BEFORE I drive all the way to South Beach this afternoon. Plus, my 2nd semester of summer school starts today. Ughh…

The Word for today is: Vitamin C