Whoa! It’s been a busy week at work. I have learned quite a few lessons through my job and I’ve been given an amount of responsibilty that I have never been given before.

I am a supervisor which means I have to oversee the crew of writers that we have and I have my hands in so many other projects that I’m never idle. I’m still developing policies and procedures for the paper and it is so much fun coming up with ideas and setting rules for the employees. I get to decide what the rules are for my office and how people get evaluated, how they earn vacation time and stuff like that.

I guess it sounds a little boring when I write about it but it’s fun for me. I’m a thinker. It’s another form of being creative.

The lessons I have learned at work have changed my whole world. Let me share.

1) Nothing in the workplace should be taken personally. Your job is your JOB. Do the job and take your feelings out of it or you will always be working overtime trying to please everyone.

2) Never discuss your salary with anyone you work with. I learned this lesson the hard way. Don’t do it!

3) If you are in a management position your job is to MANAGE, not take on everyone else’s project for yourself. The people you are managing are getting paid to work, not let you do everything and they sit back. They will never learn unless you let them do it themselves. You have to trust the people who work for you. Show them you trust them and they will perform. They have to, or they will be fired.

4) Everyone doesn’t want to be helped. In my quest to save the world I have encountered many people who need help but aren’t willing to help themselves. You can’t force someone to change their life. Wait until they come to you, then you can reach out to them.

5) If someone has a bad reputation on the job for poor work ethic, it has to be somewhat true. Don’t believe them when they say they are just being picked on. Watch them closely. All rumors are founded in some truth even if it has been twisted a bit.

6) A college degree is worth a few thousand more than someone with work experience may earn. Work experience is great but employers want an educational background to add to your credibilty. I think a degree simply says the person is teachable and can follow through with a set goal. This is very important.

7) Interviews and looks matter. A tight resume will only get you so far. You have to sell yourself to a potential employer. You have to make them believe they need you to grow their business.

8) Don’t just do your required assigments. You will never make a good impression this way. When you report to your supervisor, always have an extra project to show them that you are working on. They will know that you are a go-getter and that you can work with little supervision and your supervisor won’t bother you so much.

9) If you don’t ask for more you will never get it. Don’t sit back and wait until evaluation time to ask for what you need. Make an appointment with your employer and show up with a deatiled list of your skills and the impact that you have made on the company. No one is going to give you anything. No one is going to fight for what you deserve. You should always be making progress in pay and job responsibilities. Don’t be stagnant for the rest of your life.

Just my thoughts…