You guys!

I had a WONDERFUL birthday!

I went to work on my birthday which is a no-no for all Black people, but since I love my job and I had a lot of work to do I went in.

People dropped by the office to say Happy Birthday to me and bring me gifts. I felt so special!

After work I was on a mission to find something stunning to wear. I found this cute little pink pants set that accentuated all of my assets. I was so happy!

By the time I got home from shopping it was already 8pm. My party started at 9pm so I knew I was going to be late. I called around to see who would pick me up since I planned to have some drinks and I don’t drink and drive. My girl Susie and her friend PeeWee ended up coming to get me and we made the trek down to Coconut Grove to go to Gameworks.

By the time we got there it was a quarter to 10 and my friend Rajhan and his girl had been there since 9pm. We all sat down in the restaurant to eat and wait for my other guests to arrive. One by one they scattered in. I never felt so loved before. All of my friends came from FAR AWAY to celebrate with me. Most of the people I invited live in Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood and North Miami which is a pretty far drive from Coconut Grove which is in South Miami, but they all came anyway.

Each time someone walked in I greeted them with a hug and a big smile and I introduced them to everyone telling the story of how long I had known them and what important role they played in my life. I love giving people honor for being so good to me, cuz honestly I adore my friends. I admire my friends for being so driven and honest and genuinely good people and I let them know often.

Regardless of all of the men that have blown in and out of my life, my friends have remained the same. We may fight and fuss and get on each other’s nerves, but it’s all love and it’s understood. All together 14 people came to celebrate with me so I had a nice little clique.

They all let me wild out and give a couple of speeches after I downed two apple martini’s. Funny how no one had anything to drink but me. They all had fun watching me sing and dance in the restaurant– caused by my natural high and ofcourse those martini’s were kicking in.

After everyone trickled in it was a little after midnight and Anna challenged me to ride the mechanical bull. Ofcourse I did it, and I got flung off of that thing like a pair of dirty draws into the dirty clothes hamper.

I let Anna handle the plans for after Gameworks and I told everybody, “I do not want to see any dreads, golds or smell any weed.” An hour later I was coughing off of some weed smoke in my face and rolling my eyes at this greasy fool trying to rub his penis on my butt.

I hate that! No, I don’t want to simulate sexual acts with you in public and call it dancing. No, I don’t like to feel your penis getting hard on my butt. That’s gross dude.

Even though I don’t like clubs I went just to hang out with my friends and I had a wonderful time laughing at them and the men that were stalking them.

We only stayed for a minute, it was getting a bit too r-rated in there for me. “Just once,” my girl Nadia said. “I would like to go to a club where the men actually get haircuts.”

“AMEN,” me and my other girl Vicky said in unison.

We ended up spending another hour just sitting in the parking lot talking. My boy Reggie was the last man standing with us and I told them all stories of how when we were in college he would come over and pick up my sons dirty clothes, take them back to his house, wash and fold them and bring them back to me. How sweet!

I got home around 4:30am and went to bed. Only to wake up at 9am to prepare for my uncle’s funeral that afternoon.

You guys, it was really cool hanging out like I did. I was looking really cute, I didnt pay for a THING and I got to kick it with my girls like old times.

I’m 25! Look out world! This is going to be one interestng year.