Brenda…I always keep up with you pouring out your heart. I know it’s rough when you feel like it’s just you and your daughters against the world. I don’t know why I was blessed to have so mant women in my life that I admire and look up to. It may be because there is something about everyone that I admire- so it’s hard not to love someone who has a trait that I want to develop. Hang in there girl. I thought you were cool from day one and believe me, I’m not dishonest. Im sure you know that by now.

Sometimes I even question whether being honest and true is a good thing. I don’t scheme on people. I don’t expect anything from people. In fact, I rarely accept things from people unless I can return the favor. My heart is to give and give and I just want everyone around me to be more successful than I am. I don’t hate on their dreams, I encourage them to dream for more. I never feel like I’m in competition with anyone because I know that regardless of the next man’s success, I’m gonna get mine.

I have recently learned that not everyone thinks like me. Remember the guy I told you about on my job that I write my columns with? Yeah…remember how when I first applied he told me he would put in a good word for me. Well today he went off on me in the worst way.

I was stunned. Here is a grown man, actually trying to argue with a grown woman in an office setting. First of all, that’s not how I operate. Second of all, you’re a dude. Fussing and fighting is strictly for bitches, not a professional man.

Ya’ll. He was going off on me telling me how I act all high and mighty now that I am in management. How I need to be grateful to him because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t even have this job. “I got you this job,” he said. “You’re biting the hand that feeds you.”

I’m like, “Dude, you don’t pay my salary. My skills and knowledge got me here.” In fact, I contacted the newspaper on a whim, if you go back through the archives you will see. But he has told everyone, including the owner/publisher that he found me and brought me to the company. So he has been getting props for something he didn’t do. LOL To top it off, he saw my resume and writing samples sitting on the fax machine and he saw where I was currently working, (Remember when I was at the VA hospital) and he had to have looked up my work phone number because I got a message at my office from him. I was surprised but it was okay because we were always cool.

He even told me with this stank look on his face, “I gave you the opportunity to get your message out.” DO I owe you something for that? Hello, HE gets paid for the column, I don’t. I do it because I love it. My job is in administration.

The problem is I came on after him and now I am his supervisor. Now I am spearheading the structuring of all of the departments which means that I have to enforce new rules, to a group of people who are used to being able to do whatever they want. I guess no grown man wants to have to report to a woman he thought he was helping out.

That still doesn’t excuse his behavior. We’re in the workplace, not at a club. That kinda hurts my feelings. Cuz those who know me for real know that Im not out to hurt anyone. I sincerely want to help. I want to make people feel good. I want to make you laugh. And here I am trying so hard at this job to make everyone’s job more efficient and I get cussed out by one of my employees.

I just shrugged it off and went back to work. But it bothered me. I have never had an enemy in my entire life. I’m not all ‘let’s be best friends’ with everyone but generally Im cool.

I just have to believe that good will triumph over evil. Im honest. I do my best. I can take criticism if it’s given with a good heart.

I have to toughen up. I’m going to be running a media empire and one disgruntled employee can’t be able to throw me off like that.