Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Aw man, this novel writing stuff is more difficult than I thought.

I’ve just finished introducing all of my characters and giving background information on them so now I can really get into the story.

What happens next?

Hell if I know.

I have no idea. LOL!

This is crazy. I’ve tried not to put too much of my friends personalities and lives into my characters but after I’m done writing and I read over it, I can recognize where I got some of their traits from.

Anna called me the other night saying, “Girl, I just watched The Best Man last night and I was thinking, Tee betta not try me like that by putting me in her book!”

I laughed because I’m trying hard not to. I wanted characters who are different in personality, yet similar enough to share a common bond. I wanted characters who weren’t so well off you couldn’t identify with them, but not so much drama that it seemed unrealistic.

My point is to develop real women, who face real everyday issues. Issues with race, gender, single parenthood, self esteem and many more. But I don’t want to make my reader sad (or bored), so hopefully I can bring a life lesson or two along the way and watch as my characters learn more about themselves while confronting their ghosts.

The one thing that I wish I could develop in my writing is more humor. If I could take a little of what Brutha Code has and mix it with the insight that Panama has, I’ll be straight.

I used to read other people’s blogs and think dang, I really love the way they see the world. If only my eyes could see that. Then I realized that’s why writing is so great. My perception is just as important as the next person’s so that we can all have a well rounded view of the world.

Don’t worry if you’re not producing the same type of following that other blogs have. You’re you, they are them and as long as you’re sharing your heart and your point of view about life, love and whatever else, you’re playing your part in this internet world.

Everyone can’t be the superstar. It takes a whole group of stars to light the night sky.

Twinkle, twinkle, twink!