Whoa Is Me

I decided to take my book off-line. It turns out that blogging your novel could be seen as self-publishing and publishing companies won’t touch it if it’s already been out there. Sooo, I’m so sorry to everyone who has gotten wrapped up in my story.

I promise to finish it and do my best to get it published. But honestly, I have no idea how to go about doing that.

In other news, I am LOVING, LOVING, LOVING those lists that everyone is doing about themselves. I love them because:

1. You can learn a lot more about a person than from any random blog entry.

2. It takes some time and persistance to do those 100 lists, so you KNOW they love to write if they complete it.

3. I always find out that I have some things in common with my fellow bloggers.

4. I realize that other bloggers are just as crazy as I am.


My ALL-TIME favorite list comes from none other than eMIA6 with his F-these 15.

My favorite blog design is Mister Chris. Very poetic and engaging.

I also love Luscious and Uppity’s design. Very girly and sweet.

My next favorite blog design is G. Cornelius. Simple and bright and to the point. Love that Ipod fixed image.

I love simple blog designs.

A Little Advice

One way to improve your readability is by making paragraphs when you write your text. I learned in school that reading online is more difficult than reading on paper therefore, big blocks of text will cause the reader to skip over what you wrote because it looks like it is too long.

If you make paragraphs it “seems” like there is less to read.

Boo Hoo

I’m kinda sad about taking my novel offline, but I’ll get over it. ~crying~ It really inspired me to know that my girls were reading it everyday. I hope I stay pumped up to complete it now. Man, who wants a book deal anyway?

~Raising eyebrow~

I do.

Have a good weekend kiddies.