Not My Goodies

I was chillin at home on Friday afternoon with my boys. I had let them stay home from school for the day because my 2 year old had a bad cough and I wanted to see if it would get worse.

Their dad had called me and told me that he would be in town and he wanted to take the boys to the movies so have them ready by 3pm. By 2:30 they were ready and I was sitting on the recliner checking my voice mail when my front door opens. Someone must have come home early.

In walks my stepfather and I cringe. I’m sitting up in my underwear and a tiny tee shirt with no bra, just chillin how you chill when no one is at home. He gives me a little wave and turns down the hallway. Two seconds after he turns down the hallway, MY BABY DADDY walks in.

My eyes get wide. My stepfather must have let him in, not knowing I was sitting up here with no clothes on.

My eyes scan the room for something to cover myself with. I had just straightened up so there was nothing lieing around. My baby daddy takes a seat in the recliner next to mine and starts to open up the bags of clothes that he bought for the boys.

I’m sitting there turning red and thinking, “He’s looking at me in my draws, and not the cute lil draws, the baggy draws that feel good on your booty. ANNND, I don’t have on a bra! Aww damnnnnn!”

I muster up the courage to stand up, swish by him as quickly as possible and run into the room to find some shorts and a big t-shirt.

After I am dressed, I’m glaring at my stepfather and he’s laughing at me. “Aww, he done seen that shit before!” he says loudly.

My baby daddy done seen my goodies.