Super Daddy!

What a day! I spent the day with my boys after picking them up from school yesterday and heading to my Mama’s house for some leftover birthday cake. It seems like they get a day off from school every week! While we were there, they had the usual brother fights. At one point my son came screaming down the hall clutching his hand and dove into my arms. His big brother followed solemnly. As I rubbed my baby’s head and kissed it I asked his brother firmly, “What Happened?!”

He lowered his gaze and replied, “I picked up my foot and this part hit him.” It took me a minute to grasp the story and then I blurted out, “So…You kicked him?! Get your behind in that bathroom and wait until I come get you!” His brother followed him out of the room and me and my Mama laughed and laughed.

He picked up his foot and his foot hit him?!! What a way to describe what happened! I couldn’t stop laughing!

So we woke up this morning and I watched them make breakfast. I’ve all but given up on cooking so I taught my boys how to use the microwave themselves and now they know just what to do. They read the directions on the hot pockets or the Kid Cuisines and stir everything themselves. I lounge back lazily watching to make sure they don’t make a mess. LOL!

Fuck it! I don’t cook. They should know me by now. I’m not trying to be someone I’m not. They need to get used to it.

I’m getting my swagger back after hearing from my boys, “Hyperchick has a baby in her belly!” Ohh..So your Daddy and his chick is pregnant? Wow. I was on cloud nine all day after hearing that news. First because my sons have really wanted another sibling and second because I can’t wait to see what this baby looks like. I hope it looks just like him!

“Are you gonna be the baby’s stepmom?” my younger son asked me.

“I ain’t gonna be nothing to the baby! That’s ALL HERS! It ain’t mine!” I sang as I twirled around in my sun dress and sandals. Ahhh..I’m so fly! I had my kids young! I look great! I am not fat! Yeah ME! GO TEE! GO TEE!

I went to bed smiling and planning on all the things I would buy for the baby and how I’d pick the baby up and babysit and love on that baby. I really do want to. I love kids. The baby can call me Aunty.

Then today reality must have hit me. Hold up. He gonna have three kids now! LOL! Then I felt sad as I remembered both of my pregnancies and how lonely I was and how he didn’t want anything to do with me and refused to even drive me to the hospital when I went into labor. How come she get all the love when I gave him two great sons?

Then I got over it and laughed and laughed! He gonna have THREE KIDS! Wow! He’s an old Daddy now. THREE KIDS, stuck in the house with his wife collecting a paycheck. Ahhh..I’m so glad that’s not me.

I think I felt so good after that, I attracted me a new designer. Now, this designer is an artist that I met online a while back. Everytime I turn around I’m getting a new link about some art competition that he has won, an art show that he is putting on and how much money he has collected. I LOVE having philosophical conversations with him about life, love and relationships. I had already told him about my book being finished and when he saw me online today he asked about it and I asked him if he would have time to design a cover for me.

“Anything for you. You can pay me whenever you get the money,” he said and commenced to tell me that he designs book covers professionally and couldn’t believe that I didn’t ask him to do it before. So I’m going to give him a try. Hell, it’s not like I’m paying him a big fee upfront anyway. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Now all I have to do is learn how to design the inside of the book.

I’m not sure if I want to release the book as an eBook anymore. I think I’ll try it as an audio book first and see how that goes before I get the print versions. Oh me! Iknow I must be boring you to tears with my stories about trying to publish this book but it’s error after error, trial after trial but I will not settle for less than excellence when it comes to this product because I really believe it will be a great and inspirational read.

I was so full of angst earlier even though I had a great time cuddling and talking with my boys but..I’m all better now. I have a paper to write for class so let me get to it!