Maybe It’s My Destiny

When I went to work last night and I picked up my check I noticed that it was half of what it usually is. Usually I get like $65-$70 but this time my check was $35. Then I saw that my wages had been garnished and I remembered the notice I got from child support saying they were gonna garnish my wages.

It kinda made me laugh but then I was sad. All of those years I didn’t get child support from my BBDD and now they are taking half of my $70 check to give to him when he makes more than 5 G’s a month?


Then I had to ask God:

Why do you do this to me? Without that money I can’t even make sure I have food for my kids when they come visit me. What did I do wrong in my life? Why do I feel like he’s sitting back and laughing at me? Why does it seem like he always comes out on top? If I could have gotten half of HIS paycheck back in the day so easily as he is getting mine I would have never had to leave Miami.

I would never have had to struggle in Atlanta. I would have never went to Houston and then Dallas and then…Wait.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I had gotten that money from him. Maybe that’s it God. Maybe you wanted me to grow and now I have grown in spirit and as a professional. Maybe I’m still learning a lesson now. Whatever the deal is, I accept it and I appreciate that this is all a part of my destiny. I always have just enough for us. I’m okay.

Thank you.