My Jungle Family

Wow. After class I came home and I crashed and fell asleep immediately.. When I woke up about an hour ago..I was smiling…

I had the most beautiful dream… When I woke up I was grinning from ear to ear and thinking, “I have a family.”

In my dream I was a jungle woman, but still living in this modern day era. My sons by my side as little jungle kids we were having fun!

Then, I came upon a woman who was a jungle woman like me…and just like that..I hugged her..we celebrated and she became..FAMILY..

Then we wanted another addition to our family so we came across a man who had the magic and we all got together in a circle…

We had streamers and balloons and we did a WHOA BUNDY type of thing and in the middle of the circle another girl came…she became FAMILY.

We were all so little jungle family..just tackling the things we encountered like crocodiles and obstacles.

The first woman turned to me and said, “We’re so masculine, Tee.” And I said, “It’s okay. Just have fun.”

I had a FAMILY… These days I feel so content doing everything by myself. But I guess my subconscious desires companionship and love too.