Missing Miami

Excuse me…I’ve been having internet issues. Coupled with the fact that I’m always so tired after work, that doesn’t make me a good blogger. But I’ve been writing stories in my head all week and today I hope to release a few of them.

Hmmm… Let’s start by recapping some of my favorite moments from my trip to Miami.

The Arrival
My plane touched down in the Ft. Lauderdale airport about 40 minutes late. As soon as I exited the plane I smiled at all of the Haitian people at the airport. I don’t know what it is but I have a strong affection for Haitian people. There’s a strong possibility that the majority of my female friends are Haitian. The tightest chicks I have met, with the best hearts just happen to be from the small island. I texted messaged Dianna: I see Haitian people, I must be in Miami. She texted me back: LOL! Welcome to Miami hoe!

As soon as I walked outside I grinned. Marsha was right on time picking me up and looking smashing as usual. We drive down I95 just chit chatting and catching up on the latest news with our careers and men. If you met Marsha you’d probably think she’s stuck up if you’re insecure.

She’s light brown like me but she has the body and the face of a model with long flowing hair that reaches the middle of her back even when she wears it in a ponytail. She has an immaculate taste in clothes. She’s a shop a holic and it shows. She’s Jamaican too, so there’s an island flavor to her which intimidates most men but I just laugh because she’s just as goofy as I am. Just because she looks like Barbie doesn’t mean she isn’t a real chick with real struggles and real hopes for her future. The thing I love most about Marsha is her heart. That’s why I asked her to be the god mother of my son. I know she’ll always be a great influence on both boys. And so far, she has not dissappointed me.

I couldn’t help but grin as we whizzed through traffic on the way to pick up my rental car. Palm Trees. Ahhhh…You know you’re back in Miami. Clear Blue skies. The warm sun kissing your skin. Man…I miss this so much. I miss knowing where I’m going and knowing if I really need to, I can stop by and visit a relative and their kids can play with my kids while we relax. I really miss the stability.

Rollin With The Homies
The best part about my weekend was the fact that I got to hang out with my boys every day. I scooped them up early from school and we went to the buffet on Biscayne off of 135th. Mmmm…My Boo Boo’s are so much more mature now. They correct my language which lets me know that they are more disciplined and becoming big boys now.

“Let’s go to the potty, boys.”
“No Mommy, my Daddy calls it the restroom.”

Their Daddy is doing a good job with them. Except it’s so funny that when I hear them playing if I closed my eyes I would think they were two little white boys.

“YEAH!” my 6 year old exclaimed after he watched the toy car his grandfather gave him climb up the door. “Wow! Awesome!”


My 4 year old allowed me to cuddle and snuggle with him. In fact, he demanded it. He’s very loving.

“Mama, is that a new shirt?”
I smile at him and rub his head. “Sure is.”
“Ooh. You look pretty Mama.”

One afternoon I was sitting with my Mama and I feel my son walk up behind me and the faint bristles of a brush touched my scalp. My baby was trying to brush my hair. He’s so loving and so sweet. He’s a Cancer too which means he is very emotional and passionate and I can’t wait to see what he does with those gifts.

My older son made me so proud. Remember that they started the school year while I was away so I had never met their teachers or their friends so it was quite a pleasant surprise to visit my 1st grader’s classroom and see his name on the board with an ‘A’ next to it. I looked around and saw his name under ‘teacher’s helper’. My baby is the board eraser. ~smile~

His two bottom teeth fell out a little while ago. I looked forward to making fun of him but when he smiled I could see that the replacement teeth were already coming in. I missed it.

I remind myself that this is not in vain. I did the best I could while I was down there and my sons are my chief motivating factor. I want them to learn from me that no matter how many crve balls you get in life, you can still come out on top. When i get my boys back, I want them to fall into luxury. They will walk into my door and fall straight into ~plush~.

From me they will learn to value a hard working woman and a woman who is honest and loyal to them. I cried when I hugged them goodbye. But I feel good knowing that the last time they saw me I was pushing my new car, this time they saw me I was looking extra pretty and was able to do nice activities with them and the next time they see me I’m going to be doing even better. They are going to be so proud of me.

Show Me What You Got Lil Mama
Come on, you know I didn’t go to Miami and not go out! Please…I had been feigning for some non ATL music for so long that I thought I would crawl into a closet next time I heard some damn snap music.

When I stopped by Marsha’s house for a quick visit we had such a great time chopping it up. My boys had been in her room and snagged a pair of sunglasses. They were fighting over them when I heard Marsha say, “Hold it!” The boys froze in their tracks. “No boys,” she said firmly as she pried them from their rigid fingers. “These are Fendi.”

I thought that I would die laughing.
I invited her to ome out with me and we set the departure time at 11pm. I dropped my boys off and intended to go take a nap but, I couldn’t resist stopping by the Carol Mart in Carol City to get myself a haircut. They don’t do it like they do it Miami.As I’m finishing up my haircut, the lights go out. I’m literally the last person to leave the entire FleaMarket. I’m glad Jonathon waited on me. As always he did a great job. I just wish he had time to tighten up my eyebrows but I’ve been getting better at doing that myself. But who really wants to do things for themselves? My laziness will employ millions one day. My desire to sit around and do nothing will feed families and strengthen the economy as whole cities are revitalized due to my extreme desire to be pampered and cared for. I’ll pay top dollar if you do it right. Take care of me and I’ll take care of you and that’s a promise.Oooh! I can’t wait to see how I’m going to do it!Oh, back to Marsha. So after my haircut I go to my Mama’s house because she is supposed to be having her sisters and brothers over for some homemade sauce and drinks to celebrate her birthday. I love drinking with my aunties and uncles and cousins! Man, it’s so safe. ~smile~ We had such a great time that I had to call Marsha and tell her that she’s the designated driver cuz I’m about to get tore down…She picked me up close to midnight and we rode on over to Miami Beach, parked and walked over to 5th & Ocean for s slushee from Wet Willie’s. She ordered a small, I ordered a medium and when we walked outside on the 2nd floor, the people at the corner table were just getting up.”Wow,” I told Marsha. “Look how God did us. He gave us the best table in the place.” Our table was right on the corner overlooking the street sign so we had a nice breeze, nice drinks, nice chicken fingers and ofcourse the eye candy was plentiful.Marsha and I argued over what attracts us most to men. Marsha likes those model type dudes. The ones who be up in the gym everyday, with those hard muscles and chiseled faces, light skinned looking like Shemar Moore. Ugh…. No thanks. I choose Anthony Anderson. Jaleel White. Chris Rock. Kanye ofcourse. No Shemar Moore’s for me.After getting tipsy at Wet Willie’s we went on over to my favorite spot, Fat Tuesday’s. I love the music that they play and the crowd is always mixed with the glamorous and the unglamorous and since I’m in between I fit right in. Marsha played the mannequin role and posed on the sidelines all night while I got out there on the dance floor and shook my ass, POP IT, POP IT! Man, I needed that release.Ahh…Miami.I can’t wait to see my sons again.For right now it’s all about business.