Any Questions?

Dear Readers,

Please understand that my absence from the blogosphere is unintentional. When I am gone for an extended period of time, i.e; more than 3 days you can safely assume that my workload is fierce or my internet is down. In this case, both circumstances prevent me from updating you on the many, MANY crazy muthafuckin things that have been happening in my world.

Sometimes I think things happen to me just so you guys can be entertained…like…

You’ll never guess what happenedbetween me and Dell. I found out why he never showed me affection.

You’ll never guess who has been occupying most of my free time. I can’t believe it either.

Where is my side job taking me this Saturday?

Which two of my friends have set their wedding dates for 2007?

My current lease ends on December 1st. Where will I be living next week?

What happened between my editor and I that has made a dramatic improvement in our work relationship?

Why did I wake up in a strange bedroom the other night and I have no clue how I got there?

Suezette was published in my magazine a few weeks ago. Check out her piece called Size Sexy. You wanna get published? Have an opinion? Hit me up.


Stay tuned for the stories to these puzzling questions and so much more…

Be patient with me. I’m still getting things together. In the meantime, it’s question time!

You all know I’m extremely open. Post your NO HOLDS BARRED questions about my opinion on any topic (or questions about my life) in my comments section or email them to me and I will reply in my next post just as soon as things calm down.


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