I’m NOT a boy

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Yesterday I took my sons to the buffet and while we were in the potty a woman walked in, looked at me and backed out the door looking embarrassed. Then she looked at the sign on the door that read LADIES and looked back at me and walked in.

I was a bit amused. I asked her, “Did you think I was a man?”

Later my sister, my sons and I were walking into Target when I heard my sister say, “Ohh, look at that.” She was looking into the TV screens that record people as they walk in. She looked behind us as we continued walking. Then she looked up again. Then she stopped and looked around.

I didn’t know what she was looking at until she burst out laughing. “Girl!” she said. “I saw you in the monitor and I thought you was a FINE boy! I was sweating you! I was wondering why I didn’t see the boy behind us. That was YOU! And you know I like’em red.” She couldn’t stop laughing.

I laughed a little too.

A little.

Yeah, I’m a fine red boy. ~rolls eyes~

With this haircut, you never know what reaction you’re gonna get. But I love it anyway…

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