The Party

We spent the entire day Wednesday loading our supplies into our cars and making last minute arrangements. We all came to work dressed in shorts and t-shirts. If you saw the look on people’s faces as we passed you would have cracked up.

“Looks like Development is going to the gym today…” someone remarked.

I thought it was funny. The crazy thing is, I didn’t care. I actually came to work with NO MAKEUP and only a pair of small silver hoops in my ears. I looked like ughh. But oh well. Only Ms. Tee can be bummy and still fly.

We had spent the previous two days putting ribbons on the personalized wine bottles and painstakingly cutting out small pictures to place inside of our mahogany box picture frames that were a part of our gift bags.

After everything was loaded into the SUV, we all climbed in and rode to Star Island. Since the other women in Development were older and had been in this environment before, they told me stories of all the people they had visited on Star Island and nearby Fisher Island, the most expensive property in Miami. According to them, the only way to get onto Fisher Island is to ride in a ferry, while the other islands have a bridge. That is why Fisher Island is so exclusive.

I was so excited as we drove over the bridge to Star Island. The entrance to Star Island is on the way to South Beach, so I had passed by there so many times but never thought I’d get the chance to go inside. There is a guard at the entrance and he only allows invited guests onto the island to ensure privacy for its residents.

We got past the gate and made a left. See, Star Island is small. Like maybe a mile or so long. And its just one oval street with houses lined all around and a park in the middle. But the houses, OH MY GOSH! I thought I was watching CRIBS. On the real, they were magnificent. Multi-million dollar homes with lavish landscapes straight outta HGTV. For real I thought I was on HGTV as we drove through the gated entrance to the house where our party was being held and up the driveway.

With just my little design knowledge I could tell that they had employed a spectacular landscaper to design their entry way with various plants and trees. And ofcourse, parked right out front was a Porsche.

You know I’m ghetto and I ain’t care. I whipped out my camera phone and began taking pictures. LOL! Sorry, I’m not gonna post them because I don’t think it’s ethical to post pictures of someone’s private home.

We didn’t waste any time as we set up the entrance with flags from our school and a registration table. We put together the gift bags and lined them up against the wall. We walked through the house and my eyes popped. Every little decorating detail was attended to. I mean down to the precise arrangement of books on the table with a rose lieing on top of them. Damn…

The backyard was immaculate with a view of Miami Beach. The yacht was anchored on their private pier and their pool and jacuzzi were spotless. I’m thinking, damn, this lady does not work and she has a full staff maintaining her home. I mean, maintenance men, cooks, nanny for the kids, valet drivers and all.

I’m thinking damn, all this chick did was get married and she has all this.

We finish unloading all of the liquor and beer and head back to Miami to get dressed. I was so nervous about my outfit, which I bought from Express. It was a pink sleevless wraparound sweater top with a pair of precise pin striped knickers and very high creme colored strappy heels from Bakers. I also found these earrings that were perfect; creme shells and silver circles that dangled past my chin and a shell bracelet that went well with it.

I looked a little sexy, but not too much. Since this was my first party I had no idea what was appropriate but I just figured that as long as I looked good, it didn’t matter. After I got dressed I went to my co-workers house and I was so relieved they were wearing the same style of dress I was. In fact, one woman was wearing a creme summer dress and another was wearing a pink pants set. My exact colors! LOL!

We rode back over to Star Island and watched as the caterers cooked the food on the side of the house. We sipped white wine while we waited for our guests to arrive. As the time for the party drew near, the servers came and stood near the walk way with their white coats and silver trays of champagne to greet the guests.

There was a buzz going around that HE was sick. The rumors were true. We got a call from his assistant telling us that he could not make it. Everyone was dissappointed. Especially me. You know I wanted to meet his wife.

But still the party was a success. The food was excellent! The guests had a great time and we really showed our appreciation to our high end donors. They left feeling honored. That is exactly what we wanted.

Our next party is in two weeks. Same thing: cocktails, food and chit chat.

~grins~ That’s my job.

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