Flipping My Circumstances

My life is a miracle.

Seriously. It is.

I have been having to calm myself down lately because I have been feeling a little guilty about being so happy all the time.

It’s funny how we live in misery and pain and call it “normal.” We complain and whine about our lives and it’s accepted as part of reality but when things are going well, no one wants to hear about it.

No, my life hasn’t changed dramatically. I am still virtually unemployed, my sons still live with their Dad even though I want them to be with me and I have no real love life in sight but check the flip side of those “frustrations”.

FRUSTRATION- I am unemployed.
THE BRIGHT SIDE- I am unemployed. I have no job to go to in the morning. I write stories as a freelancer for newspapers and magazines and I am getting published on a regular basis. My dream was always to become a self employed writer and guess what? I AM ONE. No, I’m not making loads of money but guess what? I’m making connections and really laying the foundation for the next part of my career. I find immense value in that.

FRUSTRATION- My sons do not live with me.
THE BRIGHT SIDE- My sons are being influenced by their father in ways that I had never imagined. He is more of a disciplinarian in their lives and truth be told, I wasn’t too hard on them and they NEED him right now. He makes sure they learn to look out for each other, he is teaching them discipline with their schoolwork and they really admire him. When I learned to look for things to be grateful for in our situation, I found so many things and I am able to have joy about it everyday.

FRUSTRATION- I have no real love in my life.
THE BRIGHT SIDE- I have no boyfriend so I am free to do whatever the hell I want with whomever I want. I have many guyfriends and I enjoy them all as little or as much as I would like to.

It’s as though a new dimension was added to my life after I began studying the writings of Esther Hicks. This woman is amazing. She has been called the teacher of teachers by Louise Hay and I must agree. I was a little afraid to read her work after I learned that her teachings were all messages from a group of “non physical beings” but after getting to the heart of their message I decided to just go with it and it has seriously changed my perspective on life.

At the root of their teaching is self love and acceptance that the Universe (God) does have great things in store for you and IT/He will guide you into greatness if you will only relax, believe and allow.

I have relaxed, believed and am allowing my greatest life to unfold one day at a time and I can’t beginto explain all the wonderful things that have been manifesting. It seems as though all I have to do is THINK about something that I would like to happen and I get it. I am so serious.

It’s so weird when you try it but it really works.

I’ll share some of the things I have manifested soon but for now I have to get some rest because I have been having a little too much fun!

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