Flying By Night Part II

My life is a miracle.

My guyfriend decided to pay me a visit for the night. He flew in just to spend time with me which I thought was very cool of him.

All kind of chaos happened while I tried to find him at the airport but we eventually connected, I scooped him up and we drove to a spot on the beach and had pizza. As we talked and talked I was very much surprised by how easy it was to be with him.

I was stunned when our first conversation turned into a lesson on the law of attraction. While we were looking for a parking space he said, “We’re never going to find one close.”

“Hey!” I retorted. “Don’t think like that. We WILL find one, just watch and see.”

“ mean you’re going to ‘The Secret’ a parking spot. I’ve heard about that. The best parking spots come when you ‘Secret’ it.”

Our entire night went like that. He has a quip for every comment and by the time we stopped by a bar to drink wine I was almost falling off my bar stool laughing at him.

He has had a very interesting life and career. It seems as though every blessing just came to him and he is one of the few people that I know who are actually enjoying what they do for a living. He’s a creative artist. He speaks, produces music and hosts a show in his city.

By the time the night was over I said to him, “I feel like I’m in a dream.”


“Because we have had so much fun. Thanks for coming to see me.”

I took him to the airport at 9am this morning after I took my aunt to work. He gave me a little kiss and asked if he would hear from me again.

“I really enjoyed spending time with you,” I said. “I hope you come visit again.”

I’ve been thinking about him all day.

Wow. Is all I can say…

He was amazing.

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