A Woman of Leisure

My life is a miracle.

Great things keep happening to me. But I’ve recognized that my perception about the things that happen is what really makes my life so great. I choose to only focus on the positive side of everything that happens and that makes me more grateful for my life.

I went out on Wednesday night. A chick I met asked me to go hear some poetry. A couple of my friends had already invited me to the same spot but I didn’t feel right about going then. I accepted her invitation, got dressed and met her at her house.

I was so surprised when I saw that we had both chosen the same pieces for out outfits that evening, right down to the shape and size of our earrings. That never happens! My friends and I are so diverse that we all bring a different kind of swagger whenever we go out with each other and this was very interesting because my new friend and I even have very similar haircuts.

In my usual “law of attraction” fashion I declared that I wanted to hear some poetry, see some cute guys, get free food and drinks and dance that evening. She laughed at me. “I love it when you do that,” she said.

When we got to the poetry spot the lady at the door greeted us by saying, “You JUST made it in time to get in free. We’re about to start charging in a minute.”


We chose a table near the rear that was elevated so that we could have a good view of the venue and the street outside through the window. I ate and she drank wine and we talked about whatever as the spot began to fill up with people.

The host for the poetry spot announced that some of the poets who were competing in the poetry slam had not arrived yet so he was offering a little open mic time.

What the heck…may as well. I signed up to perform one of my poems. The chick I was with was shocked. “I can’t believe you are going to do that! That takes so much guts! I would never do that.”

When they called my name I sashayed to the stage and almost froze when I saw everyone looking at me. I cleared my throat and began my poem. By the end everyone was laughing and clapping. I felt great!

We watched the REAL poets as they competed for a chance to be a part of the Miami poetry slam team in a nationwide competition.

Their were some cuties up on that stage.

BLING! Manifestation alert!

I love, love, love creative artists! I heard poems about secks, love and world issues. The highest scoring poet was a guy named Asia. I literally couldn’t move during his time on the stage. He was riveting as he performed a piece about how we celebrate girls turning 16 in America by watching spoiled girls whine about their parties on TV while all over the world, girls are being sold into slavery, mutilated and raped by stepfathers.

Two hours later I was ready to go but the competition wasn’t over yet. The chick I was with shrugged her shoulders and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

As we left the venue, the REAL poets stopped me to tell me how much they loved my performance and wanted me to come back and spit again. The guy Asia even stopped me and asked me to come back next week. I was so flattered.

My friend suggested we go to one of the hotels for a drink. I suggested the Delano, but she wanted to go to the Sagamore. I didn’t really want to go to either but since I’m easy going I just went with the flow. Before we got there a guy stopped me on the street to tell me that he loved my haircut.

He was extremely tall, dark skinned and claimed to be a fashion designer. The only thing, he wasn’t dressed like one. In his white, long sleeved button down shirt and black pants, he looked more like a waiter. We chatted a bit and he invited us to a spot for a drink.

Bling! Manifestation Alert!

Free drinks on him.

While he chatted my friend up I sat and watched as the trendy people smoked cigarettes and sipped colorful drinks.

She leaned over and whispered to me, “He wants to know what I do for a living.”

I shook my head, leaned over and explained.

“She’s a woman of leisure,” I told him.

“Whats that?” he asked.

“She seeks her inner peace and joy. Her objective is to enjoy her life.”

“Huh? I don’t get it.”

“She travels around the world, learning new languages, meeting interesting people and enjoying her experiences.”

“How does she get income for that?”

“She doesn’t have income. The Universe takes care of her.”

“How can I get a job like that?” he asked.

“It takes a lot of faith. When you’re down to your last dollar and your bills are due, can you believe that there is more on the way without getting depressed? That’s what she does. She believes in an abundant life and if what she is experiencing doesn’t line up with her happiness, she walks away from it.”

I looked over to her for her approval and she smiles at me. She’s actually in the process of selling all of her belongings so that she can drive to see her family in Virginia and then it’s on to Switzerland for the holidays.

The man looked perplexed.

“Don’t try to understand it,” I told him. “Just embrace it.”

After we finished our drink we headed out to the street to go back to the car. “He asked if we were lesbians,” she told me as we walked toward the car.

I shook my head and laughed.

We passed by a club called Santos that we had tried to get into earlier. When they looked at us in our jeans and heels and jackets, they said, “$20 cover charge.”

So of course we didn’t go in. All around us the hot girls were out in full effect wearing skin tight dresses and stillettos.

But this time when we passed the club I saw a group of people standing in line and they waved at me. After two seconds I realized that these were people from the poetry spot.

“Hey! Hey!” they shouted and we walked over to say Hi.

“I loved your poem. It was really great!” one woman said to me.

“Thanks. I was nervous,” I said.

“You didn’t look like it,” she said.

“Hey, you can come in with me,” a guy from the poetry spot said and we walked past the ropes inside the spot.

“Thank you,” I said when I saw him again. I noticed his beautiful dreads, muscular physique and winning smile.

“No problem,” he said. “I’m about to go get us a bottle. Stay right there.”

So we danced and danced and sipped and sipped.

BLING! Manifestation alert!

Around 2am we were both tipsy and tired so we headed home for the night.

While we drove I sat back and stared out the window smiling at the Miami skyline over the bridge. My life is amazing.

I can’t believe that I am having so much fun and loving every minute of my existence.

I could be sad and depressed and anxious about my future but I choose not to.
Instead I pray, expect good things to happen and go after my desires with a joyful expectancy.

Nothing concrete has materialized yet as far as the direction my life is taking but I choose to enjoy this downtime and expect miracles every single day.

Ask, believe and allow!

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