Venting is always refreshing but REJOICING is always better!

I got a little down today when I realized that God is showing me some wrong decisions that I made but I know that I’m getting back on track and I can’t allow myself to fall into condemnation because I was doing things with the best of intentions and my heart was right.

So, things went way wrong in my church, that’s okay. I just wanted more from God and I believed that was where I would get it. It’s nothing to fall out about. Sometimes things don’t go as you plan them and as long as you try again, you’re right where God wants you to be. I do appreciate all that I have learned in the past two years. There are some foundational truths that will stay with me always and some other beliefs that I hope to be freed from soon.

I met some great people like my Pastor and my covenant group leaders and a few others who were bold enough to be honest about their walk with God. I really appreciate the brothers at my church. Man, you know that funny feeling you get when you visit a church? You know, when you can tell the guys are checking you out and putting on a show to get you to become attracted to them? Well, when I went to church I could totally relax and not worry at all about any of the guys there trying to holla at me. And its not cuz Im ugly, cuz Im not. It’s because (I hope) they saw me as a sister in Christ and they didnt want to disrespect me.

I am really going to miss that feeling of being free with guys without worrying about them trying to hit.

I’m getting excited because Ruby is officially out of here which means my turn is next. In three days I will be done with my job (no I still dont have another one lined up I just gotta have faith) and I start packing up my apartment to return to the MIA.

You know, sometimes all it takes is a solid decision to do something before you are set free. Sometimes you want to make a move but your thoughts are consumed by what everyone else’s opinion will be that you can’t see the answer staring you in the face. You will sit idly by watching everyone else accomplish their vision and wonder what happened to yours.

Don’t do that. Go for yours. Don’t be scurred. God’s got your back. Even if you make a mistake, which you probably won’t if you are considering God in all your decisions and asking for His direction, God is well able to re-direct you. One mistake will not totally derail His plan for your life.

I realized that my mind set was all wrong about a lot of things. I have to be faithful to get my mind right again, through the renewing of my mind uninterrupted by the opinions of others.

You have YOUR life to live, not someone else’s. YOUR vision to carry, not someone else’s.


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