My sons hurt my feelings tonight.

I was on the phone listening to the latest chapter in Tamara’s dating saga when I smelled something funny. I turned around and my boys had gotten into my makeup stash, the stuff I keep around just in case other girls need some emergency fix-up. They had poured out lotions and liquid foundation ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR.

When they saw my face they BOLTED into their bedroom, screaming all the way.

I walked calmly behind them and stood over the bed where they sat hiding beneath the covers, cowering and crying. I placed both hands on my hips and just glared at them which made them cry even harder while my son apologized over and over.

They were screaming like I was Medusa or something. I wondered what they were screaming like that for since I hadnt even spanked their butts yet. They looked so terrified that my feelings were hurt.

I’m not a monster. I dont kill them everytime they do something wrong but these boys fear me like no one else. They hate to dissappoint me. Sometimes when my older son Sai is acting up I will just lean over and whisper, “You’re disappointing me Sai.” and he will start crying and apologizing and that will be that.

I dont even have to touch them but dang it makes me feel like a brute sometimes the way they are so afraid of me. I’m a gentle loving lamb with oodles of cuddles and kisses.

I’m not mean.

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