Things Always Come Together

So…my trip is two days away…

I won’t give away where I’ll end up just yet but…I chose a city I’ve never been to…just for adventurous purposes. I’m not making enough money here to take care of myself so I got a letter from my landlord asking me to leave. No biggie…Everything is direction so I asked my job to transfer me to another city so I can work and stay with a friend until school starts again.

The mysterious part was… How will I get the money to drive there?

But I just trusted in the Universe and decided that if this trip was divine then I’ll be able to go.

So…after I decided that I made up my mind NOT to hoarde what little money I have…so i bought myself some food and just trusted that everything will work out…

Later that same night I was online doing my usual thing. See…I do counseling online for whoever needs it. People do hit me up often for advice and to help them understand things that they can’t figure out for themselves. I always help when someone asks and I never charge a fee.

But on this particular night I was helping one client understand what his behaviour was projecting and he was so grateful that he said, “I need to pay you, you help me so much.”

And just like that…he dropped $40 into my paypal account. I was so happy!

Then today, I got a call from an older lady that I met at my restaurant. When she and her husband came in we had such a good time talking that we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch.

She called me today asking, “Do you need to make some money?”


“Of course I do,” I replied.

An hour later I was at her condo on the beach scrubbing her bathrooms and vacuuming and straightening up for her. Turns out her cleaning lady sprained her wrist and hasn’t been there for 5 weeks and she couldn’t do any of the cleaning herself. She made me dinner and gave me dessert, a slice of cherry pie.

Then she paid me $50!

Yay! More money for my trip!

See..when you have a need and you understand that everything you need is always on your pathway…life is easy because you can trust…spend money fearlessly (as you need to) and then wait for the opportunities to fall in your lap.

My Mama always says, “I never worry about you, Tee. You always get what you want.”

This is true. Sometimes its not as easy as money falling from the sky. Sometimes I have to get dirty but it’s a fair exchange for all of my needs being met.

I need just a bit more to make it all the way there but..I do work tomorrow and I’m hoping I get tables of great tippers so I can come home…finish packing and then hit the road Friday morning. I’m only making one stop along the way…

But I’m so glad…that today happened…it increased my faith…

I’m tired…going to bed…hope you have a great night!