Stripped Naked

Oh wow…

You won’t even believe what happened today. I can only half believe it myself…
So I’m taking a trip to ease my financial situation. Going to stay with a friend for 6 weeks until school starts and work in her city which is far far away. I had faith that the money would come just when I needed it to.. and it was pouring in at the right times.
I made money last night scrubbing some ladies toilets and floors and cleaning up and I came home so tired.
I woke up smiling and went to run my errands. It’s my birth month so my tag is expired, yep, $62 to get it reknewed. That’s almost all the money I made last night. Then I went to get my car checked and the oil changed so my trip would be safe as I drove across the country. Everything was fine. Great!
Then I went in to my last day at work…the hostess sat me 3 tables and even though I could barely speak (my voice is strained) I served them with smiles. Then the hostess (well, he’s a man, but hostess sounds so much prettier) came up to me and said, “Um, Tee. Did you move your car?”
“Well, your car isn’t where you parked it. In fact, I saw a tow truck leaving and it went that way…”
I sprinted to the front of the restaurant to see a black car pulling into my parking spot and my car no where in sight.
Oh damn…
I kept my composure and only let tiny droplets of tears form in my eyes as I finished serving my tables…then I asked to take a break and I power walked out my tears to the gas station.
All I kept thinking was, “How in the world does this happen to me the day BEFORE MY TRIP?”

I mean…I put out good energy into the world. I try my best to meet everyone’s needs and to uplift them when I can. I’m a good person. I do that as a lifestyle… How the hell will I get home? What will I do? I have to move out by tomorrow. Now I have no money, no car and nowhere to live. What am I gonna do? Fuck!

Then…as quickly as the panic came…it went.
See…I don’t just TEACH people how to live a faith filled peaceful existence…it is within me. I can’t seem to maintain sadness anymore. It hits me…but it won’t stay. There’s no room for it in my joyful heart. Such a difference from how I used to be. Such a turn around.
My lil sis came to drive me to my “home” errr.. the place I need to vacate by tomorrow and she bought me dinner before dropping me off.
I walked inside and plopped on my bed, remembering how everytime I seem to be losing everything I gain so much more. I always do!
Everyone asks me, “What about your Mama. Won’t she help?”
The answer is an emphatic NO!
My Mama won’t help me…but I’m not mad at her. Because she MAKES me figure shit out I am so much more of a stronger person. I appreciate her for that. I don’t need HER or anybody in particular to catch me when I fall because my back has magic springs in it and I seem to elevate even higher.
“Things always work out for you,” My Mama says. “Things always just fall into your lap.”
And she’s right. For some reason I have this bubble of protection over me and even when I am stripped of everything, it is always replaced with more. I remember feeling so sad about losing out on something I was hoping for but just around the corner, literally HOURS later I got a call that handed me an even BIGGER AND BETTER opportunity than the one I was hoping to get!
Now my heart is bubbling over with excitement wondering what’s going to come next. I literally am floating right now..high off the excitement of my impending adventure..
Tomorrow I plan to make my load less heavy by giving away almost all of my clothes. Giving precedes receiving and if the Universe actually allowed my housing AND my car to be taken away in the same week that means something SPECTACULAR is about to happen.
I can feel it!
I don’t know what but I’m eager to find out..
Stay tuned…excellent news coming soon!