They Make Me Smile

I ain’t friendly…

At least not to people I don’t know. And I make it a habit that whatever job I have..I do NOT make friends cuz….I ain’t friendly. Duh..
But for some reason…at this job. I really like the people. They’re different from me in their life goals but at this moment in time we are the same. And they opened their arms to me and invite me out. They treat me well. They confide in me.
I’m not one to get caught up in the usual bullshit at work because I listen more than I speak and I don’t repeat shit. I don’t care about winning friends. I don’
t care about advancing so I never have to kiss up
But even with all the behind the scenes drama…I really like it at Red Lobster and I’m glad I’m there. There’s a reason for my being there…and I’m open to embracing it.
Hoping the BIG TIPPERS come out today cuz I’m serving lunch!
Anyone want some Endless Shrimp?

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