Sweet Letters From The Ex’s

I can’t say that all of my past romantic relationships have been a burden on my heart. Although the break ups were hard, I managed to remain friends with the men who said they loved me. Except of course, the man who fathered my children. Regardless, I believe true love supercedes romance and sexual advances. True love is based on mutual respect and friendship.

I check up on my ex’s on occasion to send them blessings and advice on how to treat whatever woman they are with with honor. Joe recently told me that he’s now engaged to his girlfriend. I was so happy to hear that! I’m sure she feels some sort of relief now. We don’t speak often, but when we do, it’s good to hear that his life is flowing in a positive direction.

These two letters hit my e-mail box recently and blessed me so much. I deleted the names to keep them confidential but I really appreciate the senders because it’s rare that I receive such sweet words from men.

I just can’t wait until I hear them from a man who is NOT in a relationship with some other chick. ~smile~ But I guess..love is love.

Hi Tee,

I just want to thank you for the birthday call the other day, it really did mean alot to me that you did call. It made me think back to when we used to call each other at 12:01am to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s Day, etc. Those were some good ol’ days. But thanks again. I hope you have/had a great weekend, and have a great week too. And if you’re still in Texas come November, perhaps we can hang out. Take care, and talk to you later.

Here is my favorite letter of all time.

Sweet Te,

You know I’ve been rooting for you on the low, right?

I check in on you every blue moon just to see how you’re doing. And I see you’re still doing you — to the utmost.

The new website is tight. I’m glad to see you’re still deadset on living your dream.

You know, when you’ve been connected to somebody — even for a short time — that connection doesn’t break easily. Not if it was ever real. I’m saying that because it’s sort of ironic that I crossed your mind last night, because you happened to be on my mind pretty heavy last night, too.

Perhaps we’re still connected in some way. Sometimes I wonder if our connection was supposed to be different. I think sometimes the universe can draw men and women together for reasons neither really understands at the time, but because we’re sexual beings we tend to explore what comes natural, what comes easy. I don’t say that to discount our experience together. But maybe you thought we’d be friends forever because we were supposed to be friends from the start — at least to start with.

That’s not necessarily an invitation, just a revelation, I guess. I think I’d be your friend even if we never communicated again. I actually prayed for you the other night. Praying for other people is not something I do very often at all. It wasn’t the first time I prayed for you. But it was a much different prayer than the first time. I see God working in your life and through your life. And it touches me. And pushes me.

I had Kanye’s video on repeat last night, you know the one for that new song where he says “y’all can’t tell me nuthin!” I thought to myself, no wonder why she digs Kanye so much. They both have that same imperative spirit. That, plus your faith let’s me know you’re going to be fine. Matter fact, you already are.

So I’ll keep watching you, and maybe I’ll learn how to Walk It Out, too… And to think, you tried to convince me you didn’t know how to dance.

Awwww…. He makes me smile! Thank you.