Stepping Into 30

It’s the 4th of July. It’s hot and rainy here in Miami.

I’m chillin at my Mama’s house eating bbq ribs and watching TV. hmmm…
My birthday was a crazy day. The night before I moved into my new place. This time I’m in North Miami Beach and it’s exactly like my old place except internet is not included. I live with a Spanish family…again. As I sat outside late at night I promised myself that when I have my own big, beautiful home, I would always set aside a room for someone in need. I think I’ll charge them rent, but only to use as a savings account for them and when they leave they can have all of their money back.
I got over 100 Happy Birthday wishes on my facebook and that made my day! I ended the day at my Mama’s house watching TV with her and then I went home.
There’s a new guy in my life who is supersweet to me but as usual I’m looking HARD to find something to complain about but I can’t. He says all the things that I always wanted to hear but I still don’t believe him.
Tamara said, “I knew it. I knew this guy wouldn’t last long because he treats you too good.”
That hurt my feelings.
“You are only attracted to people who hurt you,” Tamara continued.
That stung even more.
I don’t know.
I’m 30 now. I can not imagine what this decade will bring.
Here are a couple of my hopes…
**Join the staff of a website or a magazine with a PAID writing position.

**Publish a few books.

**Go on tour with my motivational speaking.

**Establish myself as financially secure.

**Experience a loving, healthy romantic relationship.

**Become a highly sought after television host and reporter.

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