So Today…

Lord send a revival. I’m freezing cold, sitting in Denny’s using the internet. I had a really cool nite at this showcase put on by these really cool girls called The Chunky.Chi.ckz you can join their world by clicking here. They’re beautiful and just…cool as hell.

I’ve been pounding the pavement looking for jobs and still trying to cultivate more exposure from the platforms I already have. My show is on hiatus until I finish this semester, which ends in another 2 weeks. I’m on my way and I can see it and I’m scared but I’m trying not to be.
And then my guyfriend…well..I don’t know what to say about him. He’s still the best dude I’ve ever met and I can’t believe I found him…at the same time, I think its best if we stay friends because anything else would be too much. We are so different. The thing that bonds us is our love for serving others and we both have big dreams and big mouths. He treats me so well! He’s so thoughtful. He deserves a gold star for that game…I’m glad I met him.
Tamara’s doing okay. I don’t want to mention any of her messy drama right now though…LOL! She’ll kill me if I do.
Kim’s still pregnant. She says she is tiieeddd! LOL! She is not even in her 2nd trimester and already wildin out!
Anna is poised to move into her new house in 2 weeks. She’s HAPPY!
My sister started school to become a CNA, Phelbotomist or something like that, but she’s happy. Her man is in mechanic school too. Moving on up!
Sylvia is in full swing in nursing school and she’s a perfectionist she HAS to make straight A’s.
And for me…trudging along trying to get my masters in marriage & family counseling. ~sigh~ And trying to live…and eat…and pay child support….and keep sane.
Cross your fingers for me….

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