A New Beginning

I’m working again.

I interviewed on Wednesday and started on Thursday. This time I’m a server at Red Lobster. What an upgrade from Denny’s but still..there’s so much more to learn.
I have to learn a new menu, learn about all the wines and then learn how to serve customers who aren’t drunk and horny. Man! That’s how I made most of my tips at Denny’s serving the after the club crowd. ~sigh~ I miss it.
Other than that, I’m still trying to keep up with school and trying to move forward with my writing. My guyfriend is still around and I’m trying not to run away from him. He makes it easy because he doesn’t get emotional with me when I get emotional but….at the same time, I feel like he’s just gonna be another story to tell in the past tense one day.
Last week I was able to pick up my sons and take them to a hotel and spend some great quality time with them. We had so much fun!
I’m trying to beat the blues but without my internet fix on a daily basis, I’m struggling as I look around me and wonder what the hell is going on in my world. LOL!
Yeah, I can laugh at it now but on the real….I’m tired of stirring so many pots on the stove and not getting any replenishment in return.
Hope this week is better than the last!

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