One Letter, BIG difference…

As I walked away from the courtroom with the no contact order in my hand, barring my children’s father from any further harassment, I knew I was a changed woman.

A FREE woman.

I can tell that a lot of my progress as a person began with the removal of the constant source of negativity and disparagement.

I made more than a few changes in my life since then but one in particular I have neglected to mention; I changed my name.

When my Mama saw my name on the article I wrote last weekend she said, “That’s not the name I gave you.” I shrugged and laughed saying, “Ma, I TOLD you at the end of January that for professional writing and speaking purposes I am changing the way I spell my name.”

I saw an article online about Numerology and how the stars or whatever dictate how your name is perceived. So I did a reading of my name and it had a lot of good qualities but also a few bad ones that were quite characteristic of my life BEFORE I got rid of THE MONSTER.

When I analyzed a variation of my name by removing one letter the entire vibe, meaning and perception of my name changed. I liked reading the words conqueror, winner, potential for greatness. I decided I wanted to be associated with those characteristics alone, shedding the stigma of being weak minded and easily swayed by emotions.

I removed one MONSTER and one letter from my name and I feel like a new person.

A Superstar is born!!!

Watch out for the NEW ME!

Thank you all for the love and encouraging words. You mean so much to me! You have no idea how much you inspire and encourage ME!

God bless you in all that you do!

Ms. Tee