On the Grind in Georgia

I have been trying to get this interview assigned but all of my writers were busy so I had to do it myself. I wasn’t really paying attention to what it was until I had to find the directions to the office. It turns out that the ‘office’ was actually a radio station called V103. I was scheduled to interview one of the show hosts for our magazine.

I flew up 75/85 and exited on 10th,14th- some weird name street and went all the way down to 14th and made a left on Peachtree to find it. Aside from picking up/dropping off Ruby at the train station this was my first trek into the main downtown area.

Damn it’s cold up here. I need a wig or something. My baldhead is freezing!

Anyway, this was a good interview because I realized that I have a good groove going. Before I went into the interview I knew exactly how I wanted the story to read so I asked him questions to get the responses I wanted.

Since it’s a profile piece, I decided to start out by making a comparison between his former career path and his current career as a radio host. I asked him, “What were you doing five years ago?” He replied that he was a salesman for various publications and TV stations for the first 20 years of his career and had only been in radio for nine months.

So when I write it I will probably write something like, DJ ABC used his charm and wit to drive sales at XYZ magazine but he never guessed that those same polished skills would be used to incite riots over the airwaves during his politically charged radio show.

Next I asked him to give me 3 examples of topics he has covered recently on his show. He did. So that will probably go like, Why Blacks Won’t Stop Blaming The White Man for Their Problems, Angry Black Men who Hate Black Women and Why Black People Need to Stop Cashing Checks are just a few of the topics that turn his switchboard to a raging war as listeners call in to challenge his quai-conservative views.

Then I’ll quote him, “My views aren’t necessarily conservative,” he says. “It’s just most radio hosts are too afraid to say what most people are thinking. I’m one of the most conservative hosts in radio.”

I’m learning to visualize the story during my interview and set it up where I won’t have to do much work after I transcribe because the story will basically write itself.

The unique style of our magazine requires that we publish very short profiles. Most of our stories are only 250 words so you know it’s a challenge for me to be to the point because I like to paint a picture but I’ve been doing okay. We also don’t write news stories. We only write about people and their careers.

Today a motivational speaker came by the office to give us a speech and boy was I unimpressed. I’m sorry dude. This chick looked like she was reciting lines from memory and she kept stuttering and looking at the ground. I was so upset. She didn’t say anything worth writing down but I was dead set on getting something from her visit and I did.

She asked all of us to write down 2 professional goals and 2 personal goals. My professional goals were: 1) Become more personable. 2) Relax. I have no problem achieving my business goals because I will not stop BUT I have been told that I am ‘mean’ and ‘rude’ and I have an ‘unpleasant demeanor’.

Don’t believe it?

Believe it.

Everyday I walk around with this intense frown on my face. All day long people ask me, “Are you okay?”

I hate that I carry this huge load with me at all times but I’m always thinking about the next assignment, the next project or my next move. When I’m at work I often feel like a big jug of kool-aid that was left on the stove and it’s about to boil over any minute.

I need to relax. It’s a high pressure job and I add even more pressure by wanting to be perfect. I need to relax more.

My personal goals were: 1) Celebrate myself more. 2) Relax.

I never give myself time to bask in the glory that is Ms. Tee because as soon as I achieve one thing it’s not good enough. I immediately begin to move on to the next obstacle which negates achievement of the first.

I need to stop that. I want to learn to pat myself on the back for something other than a make-up job done well.

The only thing she said that stuck with me was that we all have fears that prevent us from achieving our goals but it’s important that we make a decision to let go of the fear.


What would happen if I decided that I would no longer be afraid of men and being rejected? What would happen if I changed my belief system to include the fact that I am a wonderful person who is worthy of love AND success and I can have BOTH?

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Sorry, I ain’t mean to laugh.

It just seems that its such a simple thing to do but it’s really not. I’ve had a lifetime of experiences that have all taught me that men only want to take away from you and not give. Men are in your life to get as much as they can while giving as little as they can. Men only want to crush your spirit and if they DO decide that they want to invest in you, it’s only because they expect to get something out of it in return.

Ok, let’s try an experiment. Naw…I ain’t ready yet. LOL! Procrastination: another reason why we don’t achieve our goals. LOL!

I’ll deal with the fear of men issue tomorrow. Tonight I have to draft an outline for the gentleman who I hope to work for on the side. I promised him I’d have something to him by tomorrow including my fees and plans to help promote his business.

Cross your fingers for me. If he accepts my proposal I will become a true Atlanta hustler cuz everybody I know up here has a job on the side.