My First Lunar Eclipse

I saw the lunar eclipse last night. It was awesome!

I felt like I was a part of something great! I was on the phone with my sister while she was telling me about her new apartment search and I walked outside on my porch to take a look. There it was in all its glory,, right above my head in perfect view.

I sat down and chatted watching the eclipse. When it was almost done I rose to my feet and sent out a powerful prayer to the moon and the Universe. I prayed that this eclipse will be a signal of new and abundant beginnings for everyone I know. I prayed that those close to me will be protected, guided and provided for in ways unimaginable and that our most positive wishes will come true.

Then I prayed for forgiveness for anything I may have done which caused harm to anyone.

And I sent up a kiss.. and felt the kiss returned.

I thank God for my life, filled with so many blessings and so much love.

I am completely grateful right now…

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