Where Does My Talent Go?


I was invited to perform at a fashion show tonight. I picked up my boys and we went over there and I did my thing…like normal. I had fun. I had no idea that afterwards a woman would approach me asking me to perform at HER fashion show in another city.

I don’t…get it.

I’m always…good at everything I do yet, nothing has brought me any stability or financial freedom. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if it’s just not my time but….it’s kind of disconcerting to know that whatever I TRY I am going to excel at yet…nothing BIG comes from it. I have nothing to show for anything I’ve done..just a bunch of clips of everything I’ve done but nothing for real.

I don’t get it. I wish I had some guidance. I would talk about this with my counselor frequently. He would get so frustrated with me but I managed to make him understand.

I wish i had some developmental guidance. I have all the raw materials of a star yet no one to back me and check me and make me better and position me to show people what I can REALLY do.

What if I just waste it all because I have so much fuel for a fire yet, no matches?

I don’t want all this talent to be a waste.

What do I do with it?

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