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Wanna know what the absolute BEST thing about blogging is? The feeling you get when you find a new blog that is off the chain!

It’s crazy how you can click a link and then get blown away by someone’s writing style. (If you truly enjoy reading, you KNOW what I’m talking about) It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I bite my lip, close my eyes for a second, reopen them and savor every moment of the reading experience.

The first time this happened I was on Panama’s blog. After reading one of his entries I had to back that thang up and start from the beginning of his archives. I didn’t want to miss a drop. And it was worth every minute. Keep your eye on him.

I don’t do much blog hopping. I find most of my blogs from my comments section. Leave a comment and I will visit, eventually. And I get my Blogs of The Week from there too. The Blog of The Week is just a way for me to let you know that I found a great new blog that I want you to check out. The link doesn’t really stay on there for a whole week, it really depends on the next time I find a blog that I love, that’s when I will change it. This week it’s Beloved. Who is this chick and where has she been hiding? Or am I just late? She’s an adorable blogger with good energy and strong writing skills.

My favorite type of bloggers are the story tellers. The ones who relive their past or tell stories about things that happen to them day to day. I am a natural story teller and even if we were to have a conversation in person, I would spend the entire time telling stories to make my point.

I’m gonna have to say that there is only ONE blogger, hands down, who takes comedic story telling to another level. You know who I’m talking about. Hell yeah, Brutha “My legs are crooked but my jokes ain’t” Code. I came across his page and literally blushed until I had to click the X in the top right hand corner. Dude takes it “there”. But for some reason, you want to go “there” with him. He is what I like to call, a MUST LINK.

The most popular blogger that I have come across is indeed popular for a reason. From politics, to music to dating relationships to family, he satisfies every need and you flow with him through a myriad of emotions as he recounts different experiences using a sometimes self depricating humor that is riddled with honesty through self evaluation. He is none other than Humanity Critic. His writing transcends the color line and our little Black blogging community. (Translation~ Even the white people love him.)

The people I have met through blogging have been so crazy! Sometimes even crazier than me! Ejemplo: Cymple. I’m only calling her out because I know her like that. She’s loose! ~cheese~

And if you haven’t started reading Serenity23, you’re really missing out. There’s something about those chicks from Louisiana…Everytime I visit her spot, I raise my eyebrow. Tight work. I know a future columnist when I see one.

From Yolanda, who is everyone’s friend, to Dee to Suezette, everyone has a fascinating story to tell and everyday we sit in from of our computers to read to interact to share. The cool thing about these stories is they are all TRUE and in real time. Someone once wrote to me saying, “Your blog is like a reality show that never ends. And it’s cool because I feel like I actually know you.”

Do you understand how much time we spend with each other albeit in a non physical sense? We check up on each other everyday. We laugh together, we celebrate together. Have you ever been driving and you remember something someone wrote on their blog and you laugh out loud? Did you go to the grocery store and see some mangoes last week and think of me? We all have a direct influence on each other whether we realize it or not.

We are the blog nerds of the world. We share our lives with each other. We get on each other’s nerves. We form friendships and sometimes lose them. But that’s okay, because at the end of the day we are still the same. We are bloggers.

This is what we do.

This is who we are.

And I’m proud of it.

I mean, it could be worse, we could be addicted to crack.

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