4th of July Weekend

So on Saturday my sons and I went home to finish preparing for my 3 year old’s party. Every 10 minutes they asked me, “When are our cousins coming? When are you going to get them?”

“Go in your room and play. It’s not time yet.”

I’m mad because I actually have to prepare all this party stuff. I know this party is MY idea and all but damn, I can’t wait to afford some help around here. ~shaking head~ Honestly, my next goal is to get some weekly housecleaning help. My place doesn’t get ridiculous like it used to get back in Gainesville, I can have company at anytime without feeling embarrassed or having to run around and straighten up, but I’m not into cleaning my kitchen and I’m not into sweeping and mopping everyday. My living room, dining room and kitchen are tiled but our bedrooms have nice woodflooring. But that’s a whole lotta sweeping and mopping man. I’d rather be chillin.
When I mentioned my plan to my bestfriend Anna, she laughed at me.

“Girl, I can’t believe you actually wanna PAY someone to clean for you. Regular people would just, clean it up themselves and spend the money on something else.”

“But that’s THEM. Cleaning is something I don’t like to do. And as soon as I can afford it, I won’t do it anymore. I want it to be a staple in my budget. That is what I am pushing for. I can’t help it.”

She laughed at me again.

I don’t care.


I set up two tables in my dining room and put out the food. I didn’t go all out. And I told everybody before they came. I bought 48 hotdogs and some buns, some poke-n-beans and some potatoe chips. That’s it! Well, some other little snacks to nibble on like raisins and pretzels but nothing complicated or expensive. I put them hotdogs in a big pot and turned those suckas on. My lil sis bought the decorations and my Mama bought the cake. My stepfather bought the boys outfits to wear.

I figured that about 20 people would come, IF that. And if it didn’t rain, the kids could all go outside in the backyard and play, if it rained, then they could go into my sons room and play with their toys. No big deal.

It rained. It wouldn’t stop. It didn’t matter.

Family by family they came until my house was bulging with people. I had no idea I had this much family and they had THESE many kids! EVERY room was filled with people lounging and I was soo proud that my place is spacious enough to accomodate all 50 of them with no problem. Kids were playing in my sons room. People were chillin in my room talking. You’d find more hanging in the kitchen, some more people at my sons little table and then my dining room was packed with kids playing musical chairs. Ofcourse everyone else was lounging in my living room and listening to music.

I fixed myself a lil drank before the party so I was feeling nice and happy!

When it was time to cut the cake I stood my little 3 YEAR OLD (YAY!) on a chair in front of the table with his cake on it and we all stood around and sang to him. He stood there stunned. In fact, he was acting so shy the entire time, like he couldn’t believe that this party was all for him. He is so adorable.

Immediately after we sang to him, my cousin LV led them in singing the Happy Birthday song to ME! I stood up in a chair and danced while they sang.

“That’s right, It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! Show me some love!” I squealed as I gyrated my hips. “I’m so cute. I’m so fly. I’m so…damn old.”

You know once the cake and icecream has been eaten, the party is basically over. Families began leaving and the place cleared out quite a bit. You know who left first? MIMI! Yep, I said it, my girl MIMI came down to Miami and made it to my son’s party! Her booty is a lot bigger but she looks the same. I hugged her so tightly and told her to tell Leon and Mina (some friends from my old church in Gainesville) that I was doing well and I looked GOOD! LOL! She promised she would.

Who else came by? Raycita came thru! She had better come by while she’s on break from law school in Cali. Besides she is the godmother of my 3 year old, she knows I don’t play… She’s so skinny now. I’m like, dang girl, you need to eat. I have never seen her so small. But ofcourse she was cute.

Um, A few guy friends came thru. Dianna came thru even though she doesn’t have kids so I was pleasantly surprised. Most people bought me liquor for my birthday. How did they know what I wanted? LOL!

After the party was over all my cousins cleaned up my place for me. I tried to help but they wouldn’t let me. I stood there in my bedroom doorway and watched them. All I had to do was mop the floors (which I still haven’t done- LOL! Lord, please send me a housekeeper!)

As they were walking out the door my friend Lem showed up at 8:30 pm with a card and a hug. I was so tired but I had to take care of my sons. So I told Lem to wait while I bathed my boys and put them to bed. He sat in my living room reading while I did my motherly duty.

After they were down, I went in and half way chatted with him. I was so tired because I didn’t get my nap. ~growl~ And I was just a little frustrated that I didn’t have a babysitter so I could go out and dance.

But oh well. I had to stay up because my girl Sylvia was coming over. When she got there, Lem left and she and I drank beers and chilled until a little after midnight.

That was it for my birthday.

I didn’t do a damn thing for the rest of the weekend. On Sunday morning I called my Mama and told her I was bringing the boys. Their dad called and said he wanted to get them to spend the night. Suurrreee… I told him to pick them up at my Mama’s house.

For the rest of the day Sunday I just slept. And slept. And rolled over. And woke up and ate. And then slept some more. I didn’t get on the internet. No company. I didn’t do anything but sit in my bed and watch movies. I think I watched What’s Love Got To Do With It like 3 times this weekend. I am going to miss all these damn cable channels. But the bill is just too high! I can’t do it with all these movie channels, I have to cut back. Aww….

Maybe I’ll get Netflix again.

Monday was a repeat of Sunday. In the bed until their dad dropped them off at 8pm.

I enjoyed my Holiday although I would have really enjoyed some barbecue…How about u?

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