Frozen Toes


I just got home from Vicky’s house and I have to address this issue; why the hell isit so cold outside?

Last night Vicky invited me to come celebrate her roommate because she passed her exams and she is now officially an RN. I was so excited because I know how hard the exam was for her. “We’re going to check out this place called House,” Vicky tells me.

I get dressed in like 2 minutes. I figure, a regular top, some jeans and some heels will do. I’ll cover it with a jacket and I’m ready to go. When I arrive at Vicky’s house there are already 4 other women there.

They recognize me immediately and after a few seconds I’m all smiles because I remember them too- We all were at UF together and we all participated in the BFE (Black Female Extravaganza). This annual event brought the black women together to celebrate the black women in history and today who are doing great things. It’s a student run show and we all have to audition to be a part of it. That’s how I got to know many of the Black women on campus and everyone who took part remembers it fondly.

Gosh, I’m such an insecure nerd.

Anyway, so we all catch up on our lives and we all get ready to go out by taking some shots of vodka.

By the time we get to the place I know I’m tipsy. We get in and it’s $20 to get in. Only because I’m out celebrating will I ever pay that much money to get into a club. Never again. Just letting you know.

When I walk in I’m immediately overwhelmed. This is not the Vegas Nights crowd of young 20 somethings. These are all grown ass people just like me. I can tell that I have found the spot that attracts my age group and I really like that. I stood to the back nursing my drink because I didn’t want to talk to anyone (MEN) and I didn’t want to dance with anyone (MEN) PLUS I wanted to really understand the scene so I spent most of the night looking at the men and how they dress. I checked out the women and how they dressed. I watched the interaction between the men and women. The men weren’t aggressive at all, just chill.

The music was great. The place wasn’t crowded and I could not believe that I was actually at a club where people were wearing sweaters and long sleeves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that inside a club. I realized right then that I need to step my game up because I don’t have a winter wardrobe and I am not ready for this weather. Yesterday I took a trip to the mall to buy a pair of sneakers because I don’t have any and my toes are freezing. I bought my first pair of Air Force Ones. I am very excited!

Now I need a few sweaters and closed toed heels and one more jacket and…some hats. Damn. I need a lot. You don’t need all of this in Miami.

We stayed at the club for less than 2 hours which I really liked. Short and sweet. I think I might go out with these girls again. Although I tried my best not to talk to anyone while I was there I did meet a guy. He made me laugh. We exchanged numbers. ~shrugs~ I’m trying to be more open.

Afterward we went to pick up food at this restaurant called Beautiful and we all went back to Vicky’s house and christened her new dining room table and talked and laughed about men, jobs, college and the things we love about Atlanta.

Vicky woke me up this morning with a huge smile on her face. “Goodmorning!” she said cheerfully. “We’re going to church.”

“I’m going home then,” I told her and packed up my stuff and hopped into my car. I am sooo blessed to have my car. It’s so damn cold outside and I have leather seats but my car has seat warmers so within 2 minutes my booty was nice and toasty.

I think I’m weird.

I’m sure I am.

That’s okay…I’ll rock it with style.