Big Things Coming

I don’t know what it is about him…

From the first time I saw him I knew he was special. It’s not like he’s so super handsome or anything…but to me he is.
It was his work ethic that first tugged at my heart. His little skinny self, flying around the restaurant putting his hands in anything that needed it. His soft countenance, eager to do what was necessary to learn and grow. I always kept quiet when he was around, observing him being so wonderful and admiring him in silence. He never noticed me.
For a long time he appeared in my dreams nightly…and we romanced each other in another realm. By day we barely appears he was really the man of my dreams..
And today after I finished moving my stuff into my new temporary home….I sat by the pool to record a new video and then I fell asleep waiting for it to convert and there he was once again…a treat for me…in my dreams.
I was at work getting ready for my shift, doing my silverware…when my manager called another server over and asked him to do my silverware for me. I was confused but I wasn’t about to argue…and then the host came up to me and said, “’re cut.” Which means I’m not taking any tables. But I hadn’t even started yet so that confused me but I didn’t have a chance to question it because a couple of girls came by, “Hi Tee. I’m so glad to see you again. We wanted to invite you to our sorority interest meeting. We’re the Delta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho.”
I smiled and thanked them. Then another couple came by to say hi. I had served them before but I really didn’t remember them. But they remembered me. They hugged me. Then I decided to order some food, I reached in my pocket and found some loose bills so I walked to a computer to ring my order in. I don’t remember what I chose.
As soon as I turned around there was a cheer in the store. Congratulations! You’re a winner! Good job! Good job! I peered curiously through the store as a parade of people walked in clapping with flags. They walked over to me and my curious stare turned into disbelief.
“Come on Tee! Congratulations! You’re the next contestant on “ARE YOU HAPPY?”
They pulled me onto a platform in the middle of the store and everyone stood by clapping and cheering. Then he walked over to me and we danced in front of everyone.
“It wasn’t a good thing for you to choose the red flag,” he said.
“What red flag?” I asked.
He leaned closer to whisper in my ear as we danced. “It doesn’t matter. Listen all you have to do is be happy. You’re good at it.”
I felt as though he was giving me the key to winning the competition.
“You got a lot of BIG things coming, Tee,” he whispered and squeezed my lower back with his hands. “A lot of BIG things coming, girl.”
I smiled, he released me from his embrace and I floated away to an old white dude who wanted to dance with me.
I woke up from that dream at that moment, my stomache aching for food. As I sat up wobbling I heard his voice clearly in my mind, “A lot of BIG things coming, girl.”
I smiled at the thought of him…
I hope he’s right…