After The Show

Last night’s show was my best show ever, well, in my opinion.

I didn’t plan to have so much fun but my guest for the evening made it so. I invited my old highschool sweetie to be my featured caller. We talked for an hour about the 3 relationships that have affected his life the most. I was surprised when the first person he said was ME, he then went on to describe in detail how talented and beautiful I am and how I influenced him to want more for his life.

I’m sitting there with my lovely assistant Olive and I’m blushing like crazy! Not cuz I like him or anything but, when he and I discussed the show topic he told me that he would talk about his mother so I was prepared for REAL therapy and I was not prepared for all of that praise.

Now get this, my ex and I are really great friends. In fact, he’s told me that I am his OLDEST friend of all. I respect his opinion, though he gets on my nerves with it, but his ability to articulate his thoughts in a manner that is smooth yet intelligent really turns me on. We talked about us, our relationship, having secks for the first time. I even told the story of losing my virginity to him. My assistant, Olive kept pointing to the sky and when I got a moment she whispered, “You’re on the radio!” and I laughed.

She obvioulsy doesn’t know that I don’t give a damn about exposing myself cuz I don’t care about making a good impression. It’s not a priority for people to see me in a certain light.

The BEST part about the show was allowing him to express himself about the election and what this means to his psyche as a Black man. To which he said, “I am no longer a Black man in a white world, I am now a man.” Or something like that. I’ll add the audio as soon as I can. I thought it was a phenomenal statement.

I loved speaking with him as always and I can not wait to have him on the show again.