My First Radio Show- Computer Love


I had so much fun last night.

The boys and I ate chinese for dinner as we hung out at my Mama’s house before heading to the studio. They were superkrunk and I was…well…I guess I was still in disbelief.

I had spent the previous night up writing out a sample script for my show. I had a vision in my head of how I wanted things to run and what I wanted the guests to say and I wrote it all down in order with two songs playing in beneath segments.

I added the guest’s names and phone numbers as well.

I got the music off limewire and placed an icon for it on my desktop. Then I picked up my boys and we went to my Mama’s house to practice before the show. I got a call from the guy who was supposed to get me started at the studio and I packed up the boys to go meet him.

We printed out the scripts and then went to the studio. I Introduced my boys to the guy, umm…..Trainer, and he reviewed the different switches and buttons and how to take phone calls.

My boys were out in the hallway watching the guys play music in the other studio.

I almost fell out when one of my classmates walked into my studio. I introduced her to my boys and she walked over to me.

Get this…after making an announcement in one of my classes about my new show, this woman came up to me and said that she wanted to be my researcher for the show. I told her, “HEY! GREAT!”

In class this week she asked me the topic and I explained it to her and she said she’d contact me this week.

So she walked into the studio and I smiled and greeted her. I showed her the sample script that I had written and as she read through she said, “You have pretty much everything covered. Would you need me to make phone calls for you?”

“Yes, please,” I replied and handed her a script. For some reason I had printed two, not even knowing why I did that. “Every guest has a phone number next to it. Call them and introduce yourself and let them know which time frame they should be expected to call in.”

She went down the hall to make phone calls.

I was like…dang. It’s nice having an assistant. She was great!

And then….at two minutes to 10, I sat down, my boys sat down in front of my booth and it all began…

It was like…magic.

The guys behind were on the show.

Nika Williams was on the show.
I interviewed a couple who met in an aol chat room six years ago.

I interviewed a man who met his wife online and afterwards they both deleted all of their online profiles to keep their relationship solid.

I interviewed a woman who met her husband online and blogged about the entire experience of meeting, dating and getting married.

I had an email question come in about a guy who was caught cyber cheating by his girlfriend but even when he confessed, she still didn’t break up with him and he was nervous about that.

We listened to TI’s Whatever You Like and I called up Tamara and we discussed why we liked the song.
I even had the privelege of playing my Baby Kanye’s Love Lockdown. (I love him.)

And then…

DJ DIVA donated one of her mixes to the show so I was able to play a special mix once I ran out of content.

My friend Rayy called in and really hit the spot when he answered the email question. I couldn’t even argue with him on his opinion because I agreed. If a woman finds out her man is cheating and she doesn’t leave him, it’s probably because she has cheated too.

All in all, I laughed, I messed up, I sang, I called my friends and I just hung out….

This feels so good to me. It feels so natural and so right.

It is so fulfilling to me.

I took an hour and a half and I made it mine and I was completely myself the whole time and even if no one tuned in, my friends did and we had a great time.

I am so grateful for the experience.

I believe God must love me so much. I feel so favored.

After The Show


I feel so much better now.

My show went okay tonight. It was the first time I was in the studio alone and had to operate the buttons and stuff by myself so at first everything sounded crazy but I eventually got it together.

I am so glad to have the friends that I have. I don’t have an audience yet so every single caller/guest so far has been a friend of mine and I really appreciate their support. No, for real, I really, REALLY appreciate everyone who tunes in to listen to me as I fumble and try to make this a show for real.

My boys are asleep right now and I’m feeling really nice thanks to this magic cup I’m sipping on. ~burp~ My boys were wildin out tonight at the studio, interrupting me while I’m speaking and even locking themselves out of the door causing the security guards to come to their rescue. ~smile~ Boys will be boys I guess.

I don’t know where this all will lead to but for some reason I feel like this is practice. Maybe when I get better at it, I’ll feel like it’s the real deal but for now..I’m just trying my best to learn this new medium and see where it takes me.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Ms. Tee

Train Wreck Show

Last night’s show didn’t go well. It was my first REAL interview and the phone wasn’t working properly. I felt like something was wrong but by the time my sister (who records my show for me) emailed me to tell me that my guest couldn’t be heard, 30 minutes had passed. I sounded like I was talking to myself.

I was very much dissappointed because I had to end my show early. I have no real music selection to play and I really produce each show down to the minute so I had nothing to back up. Damn…

I had left my boys at my Mama’s house because I really wanted to concentrate due to the complexity of this show and my assistant couldn’t make it. So I was in the studio by myself when everything went wrong and the show just went under. I called two other DJ’s and they couldn’t help me over the phone.

I was sad. I went to pick up my kids and when I told them what happened they gave me a hug. I was about to take them to my house but I knew that their Daddy wanted them in Miami by 7:30 am the next morning. I wasn’t feeling that. I knew I wasn’t going to make it down to Miami that early so I just drove them back to their Daddy’s house and watched them walk up to the door. When Hyperchick answered the door, I drove off.

Damn…I remember when he did the same thing to me. I didn’t like it. But I shrugged and drove on home. I sat here thinking about my life and how messed up the show was and how proud I am that I’m not getting depressed over it.


We’ll try again next week. Man…I’ma be alright.

After The Show

Last night’s show was my best show ever, well, in my opinion.

I didn’t plan to have so much fun but my guest for the evening made it so. I invited my old highschool sweetie to be my featured caller. We talked for an hour about the 3 relationships that have affected his life the most. I was surprised when the first person he said was ME, he then went on to describe in detail how talented and beautiful I am and how I influenced him to want more for his life.

I’m sitting there with my lovely assistant Olive and I’m blushing like crazy! Not cuz I like him or anything but, when he and I discussed the show topic he told me that he would talk about his mother so I was prepared for REAL therapy and I was not prepared for all of that praise.

Now get this, my ex and I are really great friends. In fact, he’s told me that I am his OLDEST friend of all. I respect his opinion, though he gets on my nerves with it, but his ability to articulate his thoughts in a manner that is smooth yet intelligent really turns me on. We talked about us, our relationship, having secks for the first time. I even told the story of losing my virginity to him. My assistant, Olive kept pointing to the sky and when I got a moment she whispered, “You’re on the radio!” and I laughed.

She obvioulsy doesn’t know that I don’t give a damn about exposing myself cuz I don’t care about making a good impression. It’s not a priority for people to see me in a certain light.

The BEST part about the show was allowing him to express himself about the election and what this means to his psyche as a Black man. To which he said, “I am no longer a Black man in a white world, I am now a man.” Or something like that. I’ll add the audio as soon as I can. I thought it was a phenomenal statement.

I loved speaking with him as always and I can not wait to have him on the show again.

After The Show- Charles Cosby

Ok. After my last show I was very excited because I felt that this was the first time that things ran smoothly. Ok, I didn’t get the levels quite right so there was some screeching throughout the show BUT the dead air between songs has become almost non existent so I’m proud of that.

Picture me in the studio in front of this switchboard, I’m making sure the levels are right for all of the input channels, I’m using audio from youtube on the computer, playing music from my computer, reaching over to my left and playing music from my laptop as well as answering the phone and actually paying attention to my call in guests and interviewing them. I have to remember what’s coming up next WHILE I’m talking and getting ready for it – all at the same time! By the time I’m done, I’m energized but exhausted. But..I really love it!

Last week was my first week having an entertainment reporter. Now that my lil sis heard that report, she says she wants to do one so I think I’ll give her a shot and see who I like better. I also met this guy who is so funny that I invited him to come be a guest comedian on my show. He says he’ll think about it, but I hope he does because he’s ridiculous and I’m sure everyone will love him.

Listening to the audio for last week’s show made me laugh so much! Not only was I proud that I now have an intro jingle. I am so happy that others are joining me in my vision. Now all I need is another producer to help come up with ideas and book guests for the show.

What’s funny to me is that I really LIKE the sound of my voice on the radio. I like my style and I hope others do too. BUT…when I’m interviewing the guest and I can’t think of a comment or question, I realize that I repeat what they just said. LOL! It sounds so dumb to me! LOL! But I’m sure I’ll fix it in time.

My guest almost cried during the interview and I got a little misty eyed too, but we laughed most of the time and I’m excited about doing more shows. Let’s see where this leads me!