Take A Look At Me Now

R&B usually doesn’t appeal to me. I mean…it’s a bunch of sad love songs. I have had no love or love lost in so many years that I didn’t identify with any of the music and it actually annoyed me more than anything.

Until today.

Today I was driving down Richmond with a heavy heart. So much is going on and I feel like JB is missing. I miss sharing my highs and lows with him. I kinda see why he thinks we should give each other space. Things were getting way too heavy on both our parts and the distance was killing it. And he drives me crazy. And I drive him crazy too.

I guess…I just miss his friendship. From the moment I met him I wanted to be his friend and we finally got a chance to get to know each other. He was way more *shivers* than I thought he’d be. He was way more cool. Quirky. Cute. Wise. Romantic even. And did I mention that he is so fuckin FINE? Damn…

I pray everyday that I can stop thinking about him.

So today as I was driving and my heart was hurting I turned on the radio because I was tired of meditating on that shit. What I heard brought me to tears and broke my heart all over again.

They played —

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Alicia Keyes – Fallin

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Phil Collins – Against All Odds

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Sade- No Ordinary Love

They played all of them bitches in a row!




I thought that I was going to dieeeeeeeee!

Whoever has the magic pill to get over this, please send it ASAP.