Second Thoughts

Well, I THOUGHT I would be logging on to write about what a wonderful date I had last night, but, it didn’t happen.

My “alleged” date called my office at 4pm saying, “Babe, I have bad news.” I rolled my eyes and sat in silence. “My boss arranged a business dinner for me tonight and I have to go, so we’re gonna have to postpone our plans for dinner.”

I sat in silence. He continued, “I know you’re pissed. But, just go ahead and be pissed. It’s understandable, you have a right to be upset. Take a minute and get it out and then call me back or I’ll call you back.” I still don’t say anything. “Talk to you later ok?” he asks. “Mmm, hmmm.” I respond and hang up.

I was dissappointed. I was looking forward to our dinner. Since we’re both so busy it’s difficult to catch up with him. Mannnn…Who is he?

He is 31. From Philadelphia. University of Miami Law School Alumni. Practices law here in Miami. Internet friends first, met him right here on this blog, he was one of my regular readers, phone friends second, met up at a Karaoke Bar on South Beach- we even sang a song together- and the rest is mm, mm good.

I like him. He reminds me of me. Very articulate. Very sweet. Very busy. ~sigh~

But you have to be patient if you want to date a businessman. And ain’t nothing like a man coming home from work, tired, pulling his neck tie off. Dayuuuum… I can only imagine.

But instead of letting myself get too upset, I picked up the phone and called my girl Melissa. “Hey chick, let’s go out. Where do you wanna go?”

“There’s always old faithful, Martini Mondays at Cafe Iguana. But this time let’s get there by 8pm, it’ll be free and a more professional crowd.”

“I’ll leave here by 7:30 to get you.”

So, I put on the same GET EM GIRL dress that I planned to wear on my date. Hooked my makeup UP, brushed my hair, uh, head and chose the cutest pair of dangling earrings from my new accessory wardrobe. I was sweating myself when I was done.

My sons are hanging off of my leg, “Mama, Mama..where you going?”

“I’m going out.”

“With who?”

“With my friend Melissa.”

“When you’re done with Melissa will you come home and sleep with us?”

“I sure will baby. Be good for Grandma okay?”

“Bye Mama.”

I step out and drive in silence to Melissa’s house. I call her phone and tell her to bring her car keys because we aren’t going anywhere in my dusty car.

When we get to Cafe Iguana’s I can’t believe it, there’s NO LINE. In fact, there was no cover charge. I guess they start charging around 10pm, when it turns into a night club. It was only 8:15 when we got there and it was a very relaxed atmosphere.

We walk in and sit down at the bar, order out Apple Martini’s and sip slowly. The bartender, whose name was Justin, made those Appletini’s so strong that it took ME 45 minutes to finish mine. And you know I usually drink fast.

But while we’re chatting, sipping and ogling the handsome men, I notice a suit walk in. LOL! A suit is a guy who will come into the club in a full three piece suit. Most women think these guys are dorky, but not me- I LOVE DORKS!

“Look at him, “I nudge Melissa and motion in his direction. “Now that’s what I’m talking bout.”

The Suit strides past purposefully.

Melissa and I continue to make comments and reminisce about our college days when I was at UF and she was at FSU and we would make trips to visit each other. Know how I met Melissa? I was up at FSU visiting my bestfriend Tamara during our freshman year. Melissa was Tamara’s friend. As soon as I met her, it was like, WHOA, I LOVE HER! It’s been on every since. Now I hang out with Melissa wayy more than I hang with Tamara. That’s the way love goes.

So we’re sitting and singing cuz on Martini Monday’s it’s Old School Night and they’re really taking it back. I’m talking bout we were grooving to BRICKHOUSE!

I’m halfway done with my Martini and I see two guys across the way smile and flash a platinum AMEX as they paid for their drinks. ~rolls eyes~

That shit don’t impress me! You know what impresses me? An extensive vocabulary. A well penned poem. Open and honest communication. Compromise. Selflessness.

I turn to tell Melissa what I just saw when I see The Suit is standing next to me buying a drink.

I’m all goofy from the Martini but I manage to smile at him.

He looks at me and smiles back. “Mind if I sit down?”

We all sit there and talk about WHATEVER. Turns out he’s a salesman. I don’t remember what he sells. He had just got off of work and was supposed to be meeting a friend there. He asks about my education, my job, my marital status, my kids. I answer with PRIDE, “I have TWO KIDS AND TWO JOBS!” Yeah, that should scare him off… I laugh to myself. Everybody can’t hang with the big dawg. I’m a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN!

I’m looking at him funny because he’s handsome, but not really my type. He sorta looks like a very light skinned Will Smith. Same height, same build. I felt like I was in a movie. I kept looking round to see if I was imagining the whole thing.

“Make sure you find me on the dance floor,” I tell him as I slide off the stool on my way to the ladies room.

“Let’s not wait until then. I don’t want to miss out. Can I get your number now?” he asks and reaches into his pocket for a pen.


Damn… Come on Tee, you don’t have a man. Why not?

The Attorney’s name flashes across my mind.

But he’s busy.