Recording My Evolution

As you can see…I have really been focusing on developing my youtube channel…

I did a great job with the writing on this blog…I think..but I wanted to attract a new audience and really put my face behind the transparent thoughts and evolution you’d find on Share My World.

Those videos are more advice oriented than just “whats going on with Ms. Tee” but a little segment I do called i.GossipMe is like video blog posts so you might enjoy my rambling.

Most days I just turn on the cam and just let whatever is on my mind…right on out.
With the other videos..I allow my life to inspire the content. When I faced a really big disappointment…I encouraged myself and made a video called Handling Disappointment with Grace.
When I felt like I was a complete failure I made a video called Holding On When You’re At The End of Your Rope. I make the videos on my youtube channel because they are videos that I need to listen to. Turns out others need the same thing so I’m happy.
I’ve been blogging on this lesbian website while I was trying to figure out my lesbian tendencies… So far I’ve concluded that…I can’t be with a girl in a relationship they’re too much trouble and I’m not patient enough…so my attraction to them has wained… I don’t get all excited when I see a cute stud like I used to. That tough exterior has nothing to do with the type of person I need in my life. Most of the studs are still soft as hell, they’re still girls.
And anyway..I realized that a STUD is not really what I was interested in. I like the boyish girls. The tomboys. The girls who LOOK LIKE GIRLS and act like GIRLS and are pretty like girls..but mostly wear boy clothes. Not the girls who act like men all the time and carry their strap with them at all times. Soft studs is what they label them..but I don’t like labels.
I no longer run to gay clubs in hopes of a glimpse of a stud…but damn…they’re so damn fine….I still havent had a real one. Well..I had one..but she explained to me that she isn’t a stud at all…because she wears panties and studs don’t. Whatever…our personalities were mismatched. She’s supposed to be the stud and she was way more sweet and nice than I am. I’m more direct. She likes to bullshit… like..
I’m going to the store and I ask her, “Do you want anything?’
“No,” she replies coyly. “I mean..i did want a… But never mind.”
“What did you want?”
“Oh.. A slurpee. But I know you don’t have much money..”
“Do you want one or not?” I ask her. “If you say NO..I won’t buy one.”
“No…” she says and smiles at me.
I go to the store and get my chocolate snack and then as I’m leaving I’m thinking… Should I teach her a lesson on asking for what she wants or should I just get the damn drink? I call Tamara to ask her opinion… She says I should buy it. Ughh…girls..
Ofcourse the girl is happy when I give it to her…but I’m annoyed because I don’t like shit like that… Ugh….SAY WHAT YOU WANT! Damn…why do I have to guess? ~rolls eyes~
I don’t see how men put up with that shit on a regular basis…