My friends are changing

My friends are changing.

I noticed it today when I stopped by my old neighbors house to say What’s up. They invited me to hang out with them for Halloween and I accepted. I remember last year this time we were neighbors but I didnt know them at all but I saw them in our community garden and took pictures of them before they went out.
So this year, they’re about to move on to a nicer townhome and they want me to join them to celebrate their big move. They’re a lesbian couple. I feel comfortable when I’m with them because they are highly intelligent and I get their sense of humor plus they’re there for me when I’m in need.
Last night i went to karaoke and I met up with this other chick I know and her new love interest. They’re lesbians too. When I’m socializing online I realize that I chat mostly with gay girls. When I’m on the phone having casual conversation with new people it’s mostly gay girls.
When I go out, it’s usually to a gay club or lesbian bar.
I’m attracted to girls.
Uh oh…