I finally finished school. I shouldnt have passed. It was all God’s favor and I didnt deserve it, but I guess that’s where His grace and mercy comes in.

Im looking forward to graduation this weekend. My girls are coming into town, Im especially excited to hang out with Tamara and Anna, my bestfriends since highschool. We rarely get a chance to get all three of us together.

Im having a party. I hate throwing parties. I’m always scared no one will come. But this time, at least I know my girls from out of town will be there. Jenny, Stephanie, Tonya, Nikki and a few more will definately be here. My Mama’s coming too. My lil sister cant make it because she has to work, yeah right. I told her to quit. She doesnt listen. Anyway, I still dont have any job offers. Im not stressing either. Im gonna wake up, drop the boys off to daycare and come back home and sleep. Ahhhh… that sounds like a plan.

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