I am…


I am not: the person that I appear to be
I hurt: when others are hurting
I love: encouraging others
I hate: wearing a bra
I hope: to become the person that I always dreamt of
I hear: that repetitive failure leads to ridiculous success if you don’t quit
I regret: not loving myself sooner
I cry: when I can’t see my sons because I have no money to feed them
I care: about my friends
I always: look for inspiration in everything
I long to: be able to use my gift to prosper
I feel alone: most of the time
I listen: to my intuition
I hide: my tattoo
I drive: a Chrysler 300
I sing: because I’m happy
I dance: like a video vixen
I write: to reveal my heart
I breathe: without thinking about it
I play: with my sons at the park
I miss: Lauryn Hill
I search: for spiritual enlightenment
I say: I love you to myself all the time
I feel: like life is one grand journey and we should strive to enjoy the ride
I succeed: no matter what I try to do
I fail: when I don’t try again
I dream: vividly and I always remember my dreams
I sleep: for a few hours at a time
I wonder: if this year will be better than the last one
I want: to be financially secure
I worry: about how my life will affect my sons in the long run
I have: too many aspirations
I give: too much too soon
I fight: way less than I should
I wait: for the season of successful bliss
I am: too legit to quit
I think: about things I could have done differently
I can’t: play any musical instruments
I stay: in a dream state

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